My splitter

I’ve been throwing to my dad off a mound latly to practice my splitter. And latly it has been fantastic with alot of movement . But today at practice i was throwing off a flat mound and i had less control and it wasnt very sharp.Didnt drop dearly as good.Is this because when im on a mound my release point is lower?

I’d suggest that it’s because throwing off a mound and throwing off flat ground are 2 very different things to your body. All of the sensations of throwing are now different. Your mind knows the difference. I’m not surprised that it doesn’t work like it did when you practiced on a mound. I’m not going to get really specific about what the differences are. Suffice it to say that your body and mind experiences both as different activities. In games, are you on a mound? If so, keep practicing it there.

As DM said, there is a significant different in throwing on flat ground and throwing on a mound. In particular, your timing will be a bit different. But it’s not something that you can’t overcome. There is just an adjustment that needs to be made. Continue practicing from the mound and it should come. But don’t limit yourself to just the mound as you won’t always be able to throw from the mound. Instead, do both and learn to make the adjustment.