My sons pitching video for evaluation


Hello All,

Here’s a video of my son pitching, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. One thing I notice is that his arms aren’t opposite equal. Curious to know what
you guys think. He’s 9 yrs old btw and been playing for 2 years.


Pitch from 1/2 wind up. Start in stretch, but have a leg kick instead of just stepping forward. This will allow him to work on the leg kick without all the movements of a full wind up. In your video with a full wind up , the front foot needs to go down before it strides out. He needs to have a glove turn.


A general question. On a couple of pitches from the third base view, he looks to be coming up on the toes of his landing foot. I’ve seen other kids do the same.

Does anyone know why this occurs and if it is an issue? It is generally not done by most youth pitchers I have seen.


he comes up onto his toes because he is leaning the chest forward to try to add power to the throw since he is not getting power from his lower body.


Spring travel has justed started and one our kids looks exactly like Joshua. How can we get him to use his lower body more? Drills?

I tend to instruct leading with front hip. Would this be enough to help?