My son's pitching mechanics

I am looking for some analysis of my son’s mechanics. He is 11 and hasn’t pitched a lot, but is getting more interested.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looks like he leans back when he goes into knee lift. Have him bend his knees and wait some to engage the core muscles to help him stabilize his posture. Eliminate all head movement in directions other than towards the target. This should help with control/consistency.

Thanks Roger. Two of the things I have been talking to him about is all of his movement at the very beginning of his wind-up and sometimes he gets a littl lazy with his glove-side arm. But I am far from a pitching expert. Thanks for the advice.

I agree with Roger, better balance on the post, have him lift the leg straight up vs swinging it up. Fix that then post more. :slight_smile:

We will work on the posture. Than you very much.
Steve, do you have any advice?