My son's mechanics

My son and I are working on his mechanics, just looking for some advice and thoughts.

Doesn’t look much like the Marshall model you mentioned in your other post :smiley:
That bit of kidding aside, I’ll bring you one word, posture. The components of his delivery are seperately good and you’ve obviously been working on him. I think the concept of “over-the-top” has him thinking it’s a good thing to pull his head and lean his back to clear for his arm. He has a solid front (Gets his glove equal and oppo at foot-strike and he doesn’t drop it…more good stuff). The idea I’d impart is to consider trunk rotation after foot-strike this keeps the chest stacked and allows for the flow of energy towards the target without losing velocity due to compensating for the lean and head clearing.

I agree with JD’s assessment 100%.

(JD, did you just got through the NPA’s coaches certification? :high5: )

It was Captain Jimmy’s School of Hard Knocks :mrgreen:
They only accept wayward Cub fans who have calluses on their knees from praying so hard and unfortunately it would seem in vein.
Thank you for the honorable comparison…25 years of coaching/interning/observing and 43 years of loving the art. Who knows…someday I might get it right :wink:

Lord, I know whereof you speak (Marinerds fan)


everything looks pretty good. the only problem is that your son does not start moving his body towards home plate soon enough and fast enough. to better demonstrate what i am saying look at a video of nolan ryan