My sons continued development

My son is 6’1’’ 190pounds he is a 14 year old that is usually clocked between 78 to as high as 84 mph. he has good control of his fast ball. But we would like to develope more consitant velocity and a better breaking pitch. I was wondering if you had advice on how to improve both.

Welcome. Can you post some video of his mechanics in the Pitching Mechanics section?


Post your questions in one of the other forums and you’ll get a better response.

yes, I will post those after thursdays game. I have herd mixed reviews from pitching coaches on the subject of pushing off the mound. People around here discribe it as tall and fall or driving to the plate. which is better.

To push or not? That is the question that is forever debated.

If you are aggressive in creating momentum down the hill, you need to help gravity and that’s done by pushing. But the real question is “when” does this push happen. It happens at the beginning of the delivery when the side of the pivot foot is against the rubber. It’s a small, sideways push performed by the hip abductor and used to initiate movement.

I think many people think the push happens later which it doesn’t. Once momentum is created, the pivot foot turns over and is pulled away from the rubber.