My sinker moves horizontaly, but it dosent sink?

I grip it like 2 seam fastball and no matter if I pronate or not it just moves from left to the righ (I am RHP) but it dosent sink at all.
Anyone cares to explain why?

Noone in my country throws sinker, I might be the first sinker ball pitcher around here.

How to make it sink? I doubt it will be a good pitch if it only moves horizontaly.

Try getting on top of the ball more not behind it and make sure the fingers tips are on the leather not the seam that will give it more sink.

I am not sure I understand you, you mean to take the ball deeper in the hand?

And why to keep fingers on the leather? Wont that make my pitch slower?
I throw slow enough alredy :slight_smile:

keep the fingers on the leather ok and at release get on top of the ball not behind it ok.

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it’s physicaly impossible that a 2seam faSTBALL thrown correctly low around the knees doesn’t sink. maybe you just keep it too high. remember it’s not a breaking ball where you start it high and it dives back it’s just a pitch that dives out of the strike zone like some kind of splitter.

that’s not true. If you throw the pitch from the outter side of your body it will not sink.

if you throw a pitch from the inside of your body it’ll kill you.

Thats right, I was keeping it to high all the time. Thanks!

I have one more problem tho, do I need to keep my thumb under and right between my index and middle finger? My thumb is always under my index finger (I am RHP) even when i throw 4 seam fastball.

Will I get something from keeping it right under and between those 2 fingers?