My screwball

Ok, i throw a screwball pitch, but just wondering.
Should it be like a left handers curve ball, becuase my screwball moves more like a leftys slider.
Just wondering if its doing the right thing.

thats great
thats like perfect
it is very hard to acheive that movement

how do you throw it

Yea no problem, ill post a pic. ill have it up by today

I grip my screwball the same way i grip my curveball, just the oppisite way, like the same way a lefty would throw his curve.



How do you throw a screwball?

do you preset pronation

n how much do you pronate

click the links in the above post

Seriously, i dont really know how. One day i was messing around in the back yard and i threw it. It pretty much came natural to me. But ill try to explain how i throw it.

Ok so you see my grip on the post above.
Thorw it the way you throw your slider or curve ball.
Like the way you move your arm away from your body, well you move it towards your body.

hmm, hopefully i explained it good enough.