My route to college baseball

Here is my start of my pitching career and the start of my log, this is the earliest video that i can find. I was playing 8U league rec ball.

Here i was pitching at 9U, still in rec ball but near the end of this season i started taking a few lessons, i can see some of the techniques that my pitching coach works on with me. I couldn’t find much but its what we got.

Here i was 10U playing my first of tournament ball, i like reaction of my 2nd baseman and right fielder to the strike out, they are still friends of mine today. This was my favorite end of a season we went to Myrtle Beach and played at Ripken, it was my second best year of pitching.

Here i was doing a pre season workout with my 11U team. ya so this year i didnt like the team but now i know that the team doesnt matter. the next years for me are going to be use to get to college

My 11U World Series appearance at Mid America, about messed myself with this shot, but still got the out, threw him the yacker.

This was 12U fall ball at Mid America, gotta love the inside change up for a backwards K.

12U AAA, Guess when you leave the pitch up, you get rocked, not my best night at 3&2.

Here I am 13U tournament at Martin City, we ended up 1st place in the tournament but lost this game. Gotta love the pull back punch out. Some umpires have such lame punch outs.

Got a tryout tomorrow for a 13 AAA team, i know i will make it but i am still not sure who i want to play for this fall and especially next summer.

Had a great tryout today for a new team, i could tell my cardio was way down but i went a full hour and i was the only one trying out, hitting was a little off but i was really gasses by then, they offered me a spot and we told them we would call tonight, i think we will go with that team for fall, they have their own field, batting cages and indoor workout place for winter.

Gonna play fall ball for the team i tried out for, the best thing, they got their own field, a good bump to practice off and a hitting cage. Couple of tournaments this fall but mainly work on cardio and technique on the mound and at the plate.

Great workout with my fall team today, not as intense as my summer team but it’s great to be back on the field. They had me work out at short stop? What the heck?

Tomorrow I am off to a Zumba class for a big time cardio session.

Zumba class yesterday, good stuff, got my cardio up and I think I got in touch with my feminine side a little…just kidding.

Ha, Zumba isnt a joke. A lady is certified in zumba at the center were my guys lift. They are scaried to death of that room

i’m on it, you didn’t want to cross this chick

Practice Tuesday was good…101 at about 6:15 sucked, limited running but did a good infield. They put me at short!!! What the heck!

Had a live session on Saturday, my speed was good but my location was a little off, my dad said I was heading down the hill at the top of my post. Made the adjustment and my control came back. My change is still my nastiest pitch, love setting up with high fastball and then change down and running in. Sunday was good too, they put me at short again, what the heck! Hit really well, kept the air out of the ball and hit 2 line drives off live pitching.

Really got into it last night, great pitching lesson, got me focused on some parts of my delivery that were a little weak. Took an hour off and then had 45 minutes of htting and 30 minutes of fielding. Great work and killer workout.

Thought that we were going to see a better team today, our coach said this team could hit. Only had one hit on me it was an infield single, 5 strike outs and 1 ground ball out.

2 Games last night, 4 innings pitched, one base runner by bean, 7 strikeouts and 40 pitches.

Here is my knuckle curve, not the splitter.