My Road to the Draft


I am 6’6" 192 lbs. and just started my freshman year at a community college in southern Washington. We have been practicing for two weeks now, and I am very glad that I chose this school. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we go to a Crossfit gym and workout. Tuesdays and Thursdays we have speed and agility training.

As far as daily practice, we do the Jaegar Throwing program. Each day besides the ones that I throw bullpens, I long toss as far as my arm will let me, and do about 10-15 pulldowns as hard as I possibly can. My bullpen days are on Thursday and I throw live on Sunday.

Right now:
FB Velo: 83 mph
Weight: 192 lbs

Goal in Two Weeks:
FB Velo: 84 mph
Weight: 198 lbs

Goal in Spring:
FB Velo: 87 mph
Weight: 220 lbs


Way to set realistic goals. I like that you have intermediate goals on the way too. Keep them small, commit to the process (which you have), and the results will be an afterthought!


Care to share the workouts you guys do?



Thew a 30 pitch bullpen, and things felt good. I am working to use my legs more out of the stretch, and really get my hip driving forward. I will try and get video posted on here soon.


Today I went to Complete Nutrition and bought:
Creatine Complex (
Fortify (

I also take this V-Core protein (

I keep a healthy diet for a college student, and I am hoping that these products paired with my work ethic and diet make for a great combination.

Throw 90 or die tryin’.

Light toss, and did some conditioning, I throw live tomorrow so I want to make sure my arm is feeling good.

Not throwing live today. Woke up very ill.

This week I will do a better job of posting a more in depth look into what I do on the daily. Thank you all for the support!


Monday- Very ill. No practice.

Tuesday- Sick again hopefully be the last day.

Wednesday- Back at it!

Morning Workout:
-Warm up
-3 X 15 75 pound Kettleball deadlift
-3 X 12 Single leg step ups w/ 35 pound weight (6 each leg and switch)
-3 X 15 Hip Thrusters

Throwing Program:
Long Toss w/max pull downs.
Wall Drills/Towel Drills/Hip to wall drill

18 Year Old Mechanics Updated


Continue doing long toss and pull downs every day with J-Bands.

5 2 seam FB arm side
5 FB extension
5 Changeups

5 2 seam FB arm side
5 FB extension
5 Changeups

Worked with our pitching coach on a new changeup grip. Never had a good changeup, but I liked the feel of this one. Looking to throw it when I am long tossing, and will throw it Sunday live.

Speed/Agility Training
Ab work


Morning Workout:
Deadlifts and Cleans

Long Toss/ Pulldowns
Towel Drills

Started work on the Pitcher’s Power Drive. Looking to get more out of my hip and leg drive.

Today was a lot of team stuff. Picks, PFP’s, and 1st and 3rd Situation


Light Toss
Towel drills

Throwing bullpen tomorrow.



Long Toss
Towel Drills

Live Throwing

9 poles (Down and back is 1)
Body Blade Routine

In today’s scrimmage I felt like I threw well. My mechanics are a little shaky, but I did not have any walks through 15 batters (3 innings, we go 5 batters each inning each batter starts 1-0), and I achieved my two week velo goal! I was consistently 83-84 today, hitting 85 and 86 a couple of times. That is the first time in my career I have even touched 85 or 86. My changeup was right around 73 with average movement. I really need to work on being able to throw my changeup any count, and not slowing my arm down when I do throw it!

To see more of my mechanics and how they have changed over the past year follow this link:


9/21 Monday

Crossfit Strength and Conditioning

Warm up
7:00 min burpees
200m run
7:00 min flutter kicks (30 sec on 30 sec off)
200m run
7:00 min burpees
200m run

Today we had to do this workout because guys were showing up late, and the coaches were not happy with our work ethic the last few practices.

Throwing Program

Aerobic Ladder

  • Sprint 1/4 pole, jog the rest
  • Sprint 1/2 pole, jog the rest
  • Sprint 3/4 pole, jog the rest
  • Sprint 1 full pole, and jog back
  • Sprint 3/4 pole, jog the rest
  • Sprint 1/2 pole, jog the rest
  • Sprint 1/4 pole, jog the rest

Long Toss w/ 4 pulldowns

Arm felt hungry after yesterday!

9/22 Tuesday

Speed and Agility Training

Arm did not feel great today, so after JBands I just threw 140 feet and did 3 pulldowns.


Not a big fan of pull downs. The arm pronates later having the torque on your arm on it longer. You also tend to throw with a bent elbow when you pull down which is bad for your elbow.


what are you talking about? Evidence is almost overwhelming in favor of pulldowns.


I’m talking about the reasons I just stated in the reply.