My Road To MLB Draft

Height: 6’1, 182 lbs.

Fastball velocity: 86-89

Pitches: 2 seam fastball, curveball, changeup, slider

Primary Goals: Throw 89-93, improve change up.

Additional Goal: Improve consistency of slider.

Workout Routine
–Deadlift: 295 x 3 (One rep max: 312lbs)

–Single Leg Elevated: 47 lbs. 2x7

–Lower body elevated push ups: 3x10

–Free Weight Front Squat: 2x7, 105 lbs

–Inverted Row: 3x10 (5 reps with incline)

–Sled Push 5x

–Ys Ts Ls: 2x10

–Lateral Raises: 15lbs, 2x8 10 lbs 1x10

–Wolfoth Wall Series: 20 seconds each exercise

–Med Ball Rotational Throws: 2x6

–Floor swimmers, wall slides circuit: 3x25

–Scap pushup: 2x20

–Body Blade: 2 minutes

Goals For Thursday May 19 2011

Increase sled push to 7x

Deadlift: 300 x 3-4 reps

Single leg elevated: 2x6 with 55 lbs

Free Weight Front Squat: 2x6 with 110 lbs

Plank for 2 min 30 sec, 30 sec arm in air.

Continue all other workouts.

Good luck!

What level are you playing at now?

you have plenty of room to grow, and without knowing too much about you I’d say you are very projectable. When you begin to factor in strength gains I would say your goals are certainly within reach. Add 10-15lbs and get that total body strength where it needs to be. You’ll be in good shape.