My road to JUCO Baseball- New Member

Hello, My name is John, I am a 17 year old baseball player in California. I have been playing baseball since I was 4 years old, playing on numerous all star teams, showcases, and tournaments. In the following months, I will allow you to follow along on my journey to play Junior College Baseball. Now, you are probably thinking, why junior college baseball? Why not being drafted? Going to a Division 1 school? Well sometimes you set goals for yourself and you want to accomplish them, this is something I want to accomplish. I play baseball because I love it, not to be the best, but because I love it.

I am Starting Pitcher, I only pitch on my High School Varsity team, although I can field really well, I cannot hit for the life of me. Currently I am the number three starter, and set up guy for our team.

I feature a fastball which ranges from 82-84
A 9-3 Curve ball.
Hard Slider.
Plus Change Up.

Goals: Updated March 1st
Pitch 30+ Innings. 1 Inning
Win 4+ Games. 0-0
10 Appearances 1

25 Walks 1
<50 K’s 1

Now, there you have it, might not be interesting, but I will try to make it as fun as possible. Give me your input! I start my first varsity game tomorrow, nervous,but ready for the possible challenges that I will face.

Good luck man. Raise Hell out there!