My road to college baseball

I am a left handed pitcher from south jersey, I throw about 80-83 mph. I am a senior in hs. I’m 6’ 160 lanky. My main issue is my grades I have a 1.7 GPA, I slacked off all through high school, and now I am in an alternative hs so I can definitely graduate and walk on graduation. I would like some suggestions of what possible ways I can play college baseball and with such a low GPA & keep my dream alive of playing professional baseball. I will be attending a baseball showcase in December.

Look into JUCOs.

As well as potentially going to a local community college, taking enough courses to raise your GPA but not enough to start your eligibility clock.

Or do a post HS grad year call is grade 13 if you will.

Check out the High School Baseball Web message boards to get some more in-depth answers.

Hope this helps you with a starting point