My Road to College Ball

I decided that i should record my progress on here and gain some feedback and advice.
16 years old
5’7- 130lbs
Just turned 16 in Febuary
Dont have a highschool team here but i play on a house league team.
4 seam fastball- 73-75
2 seam fastball- 70-75
changeup- 60-65
knuckle curve- 60-65
Season stats so far: 2 games pitched, 6 IP, 2ER, 3BB, 13K and record 0-0

does anyone have any suggestions or programs for workouts? I am currently not on a plan and know that i should get into one.

Good luck to you.

I’d suggest TuffCuff its a good basic program for 52 weeks. Complete with nutritional info throwing plans and weight lifting.

thanks alot. I’ll defintely look into it. Also i am having some problems with my change up, i currently use a 3 finger change grip but i am not hving much success with it. Any ideas?

Play catch with it to help with the ‘feel’ you can try repositioning the ball in your hand ad well maybe hold it deeper or spread your fingers out more.

Play around with it and see what works best, even try a different grip and playing around that way.

Since you say you’re on a house league team I’m going to assume that youre somewhere in Canada is that correct?

Do they have a competitive team or a elite team you could try out for in your area? If thwu do and you truly want to play College Ball I’d strongly recommend trying to play on something more competitive then house league.

yes i am in canada. and me and a teammate are gonna try out for our areas team in the Saskatchewan summer games and most likely play summer ball as well.

The biggest piss off about this league is that theres a rule that states that you can only pitch 4 of the 7 innings per game. and yet last year in bantam there wasnt a innings limit. You’d think that it would be the other way around

Yeah its strange how the rules work in different levels in Baseball Canada.

If you want to get a scholly to a US College check out the High School Baseball Web and their message board its a great resource for the recruiting process.

Step one though has got to be moving off of house league and onto a travel team or competitive team so you’re getting more exposure and playing against better player’s.

What do you do throwing program wise?

I unfortunately dont have much of a throwing program, I long toss whenever i have someone to long toss with and throw about 50 pitches every other night. I know i definitely need to get onto a progam of some sorts.

Long toss by yourself find a field with a fence and throw into the fence.

Get long tossing more and look into the idea of using weighted baseballs as part of a program.

Structure your week so that you’re getting your work in as well as a side session or two.

Be sure to also get mechanical work in.

If you can get some video post it on this site guys here are great at breaking down mechanics.

Read up on everything you can and develop a program that works best for you or ask around from different people or Coaches you know.

I might have a program I can send you I just have to find it.

Thanks alot. my coaches have me throw to live batters every other practice. and due to our lack of pitchers and the stupid 4 inning limit, i will pitch some every game this year.

You’ll have to be careful of burn out and over use this season that could potentially run into some physical problems.

Be smart and don’t over exert yourself,if you’ll be pitching in a lot of games. Last thing you want to have happen is you get hurt before you start trying to reach your goals.

I have actually started to use a different method during long toss. I put a bucket on home plate and try to drop the ball into that every time. I think using a bucket helps with accuracy more.

At the field I throw at, there is a ‘dirt shed’ thing that has two buckets in it. One that is thicker, I use as a target during long toss and when I pitch. I use the other one to set up my camera to record myself.

Whatever you do, you need to get started and be consistent with it.

yeah i definitely wont over work myself out there. I am gonna look into a legit throwing program and work with it as much as i can. Thanks alot guys

well we have a game tonight and hopefully we can put it all together at once and pick up our first W of the season. the first 2 games we had some problems putting everything together at the same time. On friday i entered the game to pitch the last 2 innings when we were already down 9-3 and shut the opposing team down, which led to us tying the game in the bottom half of the last inning. Us pitchers have been victims of horrible defense, especially by our 3rd baseman but we have pitched ourselves out of the jams most of the time

Good luck, the start of the season is always difficult when guys are shaking the rust off, especially if they haven’t been dedicated to working year round on their game.

Thanks, i am gonna be using this league season to work on my mechanics and pitches and to get ready for summer ball. Im also gonna start working on it during the offseason so i can try out for a AA travelling team next spring. Im gonna have to find time to fit baseball in this fall as i will be playing volleyball and are a serious volleyball school. So hopefully i can find some workouts that go hand in hand with eachother.

You think it’s a wise choice to be splitting your time up when you’re serious about getting a scholly to a school?

Especially more so since you’re Canadian and are at a disadvantage already because of that fact alone?

I’ve been through this process as a Canadian and honestly we are behind in Baseball when comparing it to Americans. We’re getting better but they still have a stronger pedigree and more facilities that are open year round to kids then we do.

Just some food for thought.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to decide which sport they are foing to fully pursue and commit to 100%

If you’re goal is to get to the next level in Baseball and not in Volleyball then I think the time is getting close for you to make that decision.

Well im defintely going to focus more on baseball and im not THAT serious on volleyball. But i will see how splitting both sports goes. If volleyball gets in the way too much i will drop it and focus completely on baseball.

How’d your game go?