My road to College Ball!

Well my junior year of high school is almost over, we have 1 more regular season game then its Regional playoffs! We had a great year but I wasn’t given many chances to pitch. My goal is to play for a small school in Tennessee after high school and so I’m officially starting June 6th. I’m going down to the school to attend a baseball camp for a week. When I get back home I will begin my summer workout/ throwing program. I’ll post that later, its pretty much the TUFFCUFF program fit better to my needs. This summer and fall I want to do the following:
-add 7-10 mph onto my fastball
-perfect my change- up (I really just started throwing it a little bit this year)
-work on mechanics (I could stretch a little bit farther)
-be faster and better conditioned
Ill workout 5 days a week, in the mornings or after work, with a small workout on Saturdays.

Well I pitched in practice today… In 6 or 7 batters I only had one strike out, but in came on a very good change-up! My speed is looking faster then all this year. We start playoffs on Tuesday, and in just under a week I’ll be gone to camp!

I also got my swing back and just in time for playoffs, I had a crushed line drive to the center field wall today.

Well my week at camp is over. I got some good baseline stats to work on over the course of summer and fall here is my stats and new goals:

60 yd dash- 7.9 sec, goal 7.4 sec by the first day of my senior year. I’m pretty slow right now and would like to run 7.4 this fall and 7.0 by mid next season.

home to first- 4.28 sec, goal 4.0 sec by senior year. The fastest guy at camp ran it in 3.9.

home to home- 18.16 sec, goal 17.0 sec by senior year.

velocity from mound- low seventies, goal mid to upper seventies. my goal has been to add 5-7 mph by next season I’d like to hit 76-77 pretty constantly maxing out at about 80 by our first game.

velocity from outfield- 69mph, goal 76 mph. The highest velocity was 76 and that would put 7 mph on which I feel is in my reach.

All of the running goals are set for the first day of school this fall, which i believe is Sep. 3. The throwing will be for our first game, sometime in the beginning of April. I’ll test each one ( except home to home, and velocity from outfield) each week on Friday or Saturday and post results, I’m also keeping a chart to track my progress. I do have one my goal, to throw a ball from home plate to out centerfield fence, 350 ft away by our first practice. However I haven’t measured how far I can throw on now so I’ll do that this weekend.

Well due to unforeseen events I wasn’t able to start my summer workout this week, in fact I only started it today, however I’ve had time to perfect my workout, running, and throwing programs. I’ve also broken up my off season into different parts-

Summer: June-August(the first day of school): focus arm strength and quickness

Fall:September-Mid-November(Start of gun deer season): focus maintain arm strength and core

Winter Part 1: End-November(After deer season and Thanksgiving, I like to hunt so I’ll take a break during this time)-December 31: focus leg strength

Winter Part 2: January 1-February 28: focus throwing, conditioning

Spring: March 1- Practice starting: focus pitching from the mound.

Each section I’ll change my workout and conditioning and set new goals for that section. Here is my workout, conditioning, and throwing programs for the summer-

Arm Stretches
Shoulder Shrugs: 10
Arm Circles: 10-20 each way
Leg Over: 10 sec each leg
Hip Crossover: 10
Trunk Twist: 8 side-to-side
Calf stretch: 10 sec each
Sprint: 90 feet
Workout Group A:
Flexion, 45* Flexion, Abduction (With resistance band): 2x15 left arm, 2x 10 right arm
Internal/External Rotation w/ band: 2x15 left arm, 2x10 right arm
Reverse Throw w/ band: 2x20 left side only
Wrist curls and extension: 2x15 each on each arm
Decline push-up: 1x20
Arm dips: 2x10
Workout Group B:
Calf raise:2x30
Squat jump/thrust:3x12
Compass jumps 60
Lunge: 2x20 each leg
Crunches: 3x15
Toe-Touch Crunch:2x10
Leg-up: 2x10
Side Oblique:2x10
Leg Thrust: 2x10
Worm: 3x10

Day A:
Light Jog about 2-3 miles, or 25-30 minutes on elliptical keeping about 80 RPM for 2000 Rev
Day B:
2 Home to first, Home to second, Home to third, Home to Home
4 90 ft sprint
4 90 ft back pedal
Day C:
30 yd sprint
40 yd sprint
2x 60 yd sprint
100 yd sprint
150 yd sprint
60 yd sprint
30 yd sprint
30 yd back pedal
30 yd shuffle

Warm-up: Start 5 ft from pitching target doing wrist snaps, 5. Slowly move back throwing on a line at the target until the ball bonces before hitting the target. Move in 5 ft and throw the # of Warm-up max throws for that day. Long-toss conditioning- (LTC)long toss a ball, sprint after it, field it shuffle and throw, repeat… I have about a 400 open field to do this in.
Day 1:
Warm up, max#5
Throw from:
60 ft- 5
90 ft-5
120 ft-5
60 ft-3
Flat mound Pitch (~60ft.)
5- 4 seam, 2 seam, Curve, Change-up, Slider
Hit the strike zone 15 times FBs only
2-4 seam, 2 seam, Curve, Change-up, Slider
Day 2:
Warm-up, max#3
throw from:
30 ft-3
50 ft-3
60 ft-3
From 50-60 ft around the clock game ( hit the edges of the strike zone starting at 12, 1,2,…etc)
Day 3:
Warm-up max#10
Throw from:
90 ft-5
120 ft-5
150 ft-5
max distance-5
Weighted ball:
45 ft-5
60 ft-5
90 ft-5
LTC- 5, plus 1 w/ weighted ball

Ok so I woke up at 7 this morning, got dressed and went to workout. My workout went great. I was a little pressed for time so I shortened my jog into a more quick speed cardio workout. Here’s what I did:
2 min run for warmup
15 sec sprint
15 sec hard jog
15 sec sprint
15 sec lite jog
15 sec sprint
15 sec backpedal
I then repeated the 15 sec sets a total of three times.
15 sec backpedal, faster
15 sec walk
15 sec brisk jog.
I enjoyed this more then a 2.5 mile jog. Then I went out to throw…
I SUCKED!!! I know I haven’t thrown in over a week but I still wanted my arm to be stronger then what it was. I was barely able to throw the ball 150 ft on a fairly straight line. Then I went to 60 feet to throw a flat-mound session. This is where the sucking really started. I threw 5 of each pitch, 25 total- my 4 seam took forever to find the zone, my 2-seam never hit the zone, my change-up just hung in the air so it stayed above the zone. My curve-ball was the best thing about throwing today, I didn’t always hit the zone on my target, but all but one had great 12-6 break and just ran off the table! My slider is still a work-in-progress so if anyone knows advice for a lefty to throw a slider, I’d be appreciative of it. It felt that I was shortarming almost all my throws. So instead of my arm acting as a “slingshot” with the ball along for the ride (This is the way Steve puts in his Advanced pitching book), I was “pushing” the ball towards the plate, losing both control and velocity. Something I think I need to change is to throw my sessions from the mound really from the mound, not flat-mounding. This will help a little but I also want to video myself and put it on here. I guess this would be the best time to suck, I have like 40 weeks until baseball season starts again. But I was expecting better after coming home from a great camp. I’d have to rate today’s workout 4/10, only since the lifting and conditioning was good, throwing just sucked. If anyone has advice about throwing, or conditioning ideas, how to throw a better slider, or really anything, please don’t hold back!
:wink: :x

So I woke up this morning and it was raining with thunderstorms, I thought ok and went back to bed before going to work, I was going to do everything after work. It didn’t rain all day until 6, when I get off work. It started raining then. However it did lighten up long enough for me to throw and get a few short sprints in today. My throwing was much better! I really concentrated on no short-arming and threw the way I normally do. Today is my very light throwing so I only threw maybe 60 balls total, most of them from <60 feet. I’m already looking to next year for my pitches:
4-seam= my main pitch, I want near perfect command to be able to place this pitch anywhere in the zone.
2-seam= my secondary fastball I want to throw this when the 4-seam isn’t hitting,or the batters are smashing the 4-seam.
Chang-up= my go to pitch when I get ahead a pitch. I throw a basic circle-change and it has a great biting drop on it, but it looks just like a 4-seam coming out.
Curve= my main strike out pitch. I’ve worked on it lately and have developed a great 12-6 break.
Slider= my second strike out pitch. I’ll really only throw it after a curve and in a breaking ball count.

Yesterday I pitched in a summer league game, it felt good to actual game even if it was only one inning, we played two five inning games and won both, the first they had their ace and we won only 4-3, I played First and some outfield. But In the second they only pitched some young slow guys that will be freshman and we lit them up, we ended up winning like 25-3! I was going to pitch the 4th and 5th of the second game but in the 5th the coach put in a young kid. I thought I pitched very well- I had two strike outs, no hits or runs. I allowed one walk and one kid got on due to an error. Overall not bad Even the pitches that were called balls were close to being strikes, something that another ump might give. So all-in-all I thought I did very good.

Good job so far Trevor #2. So what are you planning to do differently besides TUFF CUFF?

So whats up with Trevor #2 haha? Well I do some conditioners that are differnt then TUFFCUFF. All are focused on the 60yd dash. If I wanna play at college I NEED to get a better 60 yd time, at least down to 7.2-7.3 sec. I also took the college/pro warm-up and shortened it some to make a personal warm-up. I’ve done this with almost the entire workout. I made two different lifting days. One focused on the arm, the other on my core and legs. however for the summer I want to get faster and throw harder. Come fall when I have access to the school weightroom, Ill do even more lifting and less throwing for the winter months. I’m also trying to lose a little weight, or at least cut down body fat, so I’m riding bike some nights, around 10-12 miles in less then an hour.

you don’t need a good 60 yard dash time to pitch in college

I know that i haven’t posted in like a month but it was hard too this summer. However today was my first day of school, so I started my fall session which I have focused on getting faster on the basepaths as well as as strengthening my core.

Yesterday I made a pitching mound at my house to get more practice. Also I got clocked yesterday at 70, this was without warming up or not from a mound. But I’m getting 75 maxing out at 77-78 from the mound about now, which is where I wanted to be when I started back in June! I’m starting my new lifting program Tuesday, its really similar to the TUFFCUFF program with a few changes, I’d like to be hitting 80 from the mound by the time snow starts flying (Which could be any time from October 1 thru Dec 15). But my biggest goal is to get faster on the base paths, want to shave 3/10 of a second off my home to 1st time by the end of the year.

Got a chance to do a 40 pitch bull pen sesssion. I’m pretty happy with the results:
2 Seam- 3-5
4 Seam- 4-4
Curve- 2-6
Change- 3-5
Slider- 3-5
Total- 15-25
I averaged 73 MPH and maxed out at 77 as well. Overall I was happy considering I haven’ thrown from a mound in awhile.