My "resume"

well im about 5’10ish and i weigh about 150. im also about to go into my senior year of high school but can only throw about 75ish give or take a couple MPH. I know this isnt the greatest but im just curious what do you guys think, and if im maybe a “late bloomer” because i hear roger clemens and billy wagner were barely, if they even were, throwing 80 out of high school

Well, id say just work at it
Because there are ways to work around not having a dominating fastball–look at Byrd!
Besides, if you start doing long toss in the offseason, and working on it, you could add some speed.
What other pitches do you have?
And are they sharp//can you locate them well?

I’m kind of in a same type of situation. I’m 6’, 6’1 and weight about 160. My fastball is at about 82 and I will be a senior this year as well. My advice is work your damn ass off, it will pay off. I worked my ass of last year and it did great things for me. I think I added at least 6 or 7 mph on my fastball and am hoping to add another 5 over the course of the offseason.