My Quest to Varsity

This is my game log. I’m 16 years old, I’m in 11th grade, and I’m on the JV team. This is my first time ever being on a school team. I weigh 172 pounds and I’m 5’8. I’m a pitcher, and nothing else. This thread is for posting my game wrap ups and what problems I have everytime I’m in a game.

The reason I’m on JV is because all of the coaches wanted to see if I can respond on the JV level, then if they are convinced that I can possibly pitch on the varsity level, then they’ll call me up. My goal is to get called up to Varsity at any cost, but to do that, I have to pitch well.

My first game was about a little over a week ago. I pitched 3 innings while giving up 2 runs on a throwing error. But the runners that scored reached base from basehits that they got off of the starting pitcher, who I replaced in the 5th innings with no outs. But I pitched 3 innings, had 3 strikeouts, and 2 unearned runs.

Today we had a double header and I was the starting pitcher for the 2nd game. In the first inning, I gave up 2 runs, but then got out of it without anymore damage. I had a 1-2-3 second inning, but in the 3rd inning, I gave up 4 runs. Overall I pitched 3 innings and gave up 6 runs on 7 hits. My problem today was that I kept leaving offspeed pitches up in the zone, and they just killed them. Also, I couldent pitch comfortably in the stretch at all. When I pitched in the stretch, I had no power in my pushoff, below average control, and no velocity. And to top it all off, I couldent keep my changeup down, and whenever it was down, it always went in the dirt before it even reached the plate.

I already know that I need to work on pitching from the stretch more, but what can I do to work on keeping my offspeed pitches low at a consistent pace?

You just gotta keep throwing your off speed stuff in practice, you do it long enough it’ll be like a second nature to ya. Also maybe the reason you’re leaving it up is that you’re not snapping it enough or bringing your arm down hard enough.

Im kinda in the same situation I was starting JV last year and have been busting my butt to be on varsity this year so I will know in the next two weeks. Good luck man

Offspeed is all about feel. You really just need to throw them as much as you can.

Throw changeups when your playing catch, and if your partner is alert throw some breaking balls as well. Although, you can “air out” a changeup, you want to stay around 60 feet or so when playing catch throwing the breaking balls.

When you can throw any pitch in any count, that is when it is always a pitcher’s count and your in full control, the batter can no longer sit on anything.

Maybe you’re slowing down your arm to help take something off your change-up and your release point has raised higher as a result. You need to trust your grip and pronation to reduce velocity and then think fastball and throw it using the same arm speed as your fastball.

I would work on throwing from the stretch even more than the wind up since most of your most important pitches will occur from the stretch.

Oh yeah and also, i think my arm slot is dropping down to a side arm throw, and idk why. It feels like I’m throwing all arm/elbow. I know I have the leg strength to pushoff hard, but are they any ways I can keep my arm at a 90 degree angle?

If your throwing a change up make sure your throwing it exactly like your fastball only at the end, dont snap your wrist just pull down and let the ball slide out, make sure you follow through though, if u let go to early that ball will float up in the zone and thats a batters dream pitch.

Same thing with a curve, same arm motion as your fastball only get ontop and pull that down and again follow through with it. To early and you will leave a hanging curve over the plate.

Also my advise is get use to pitching from the stretch, I can pretty much guarentee you that you will pitch more from the stretch than the wind up in each game. Just dont rush yourself ether take your time and relax.