My quest to MLB as...a catcher?!?!?!?!

Cant what to get started

I started a workout routine meant to workout the chest,abs,calfs,thighs,becips,triceps,shoulders,wrist,forearms,obliques
Practiced blocking pitches in the dirt

took batting practice at area baseball field hit 25 balls 19 went over the wall (350’)

Hmm… sounds pro-esque.

gj >.>

19 out of 25 that’s a pretty high ratio even for BP, sounds as though maybe you did make the right decision to focus on being a catcher!

took some days off of catching to rest knees work on fielding grounders at 3rd

About your poptime: Isn’t the ML average about 1.9 seconds? 8)

isnt pop time the time it takes you to get up to throw?

POP time is the time from when you receive the ball to when the ball gets to second base.

I think this kid is simply amazing and will be on tv when he is 17

sorry in that case my pop time is more like 2.3 sec

Forgot to ask when ya took BP was that with wood??

no metal I know how metal gives you an advantage but hey its what I gotta use in a game :lol:

You want a real advantage:

Use wood in BP

That way you’re ready to hit with wood when you go to Showcases or a WWBA Tourney for example. Also so that you actually know how good of a hitter you are.

But if you’ve decided to become a Pitcher again, I guess that really doesn’t matter anymore.

who says im not working for a career as a catcher with a little pitching on the side

I asked you in another thread if you’d flopped back as a Pitcher and you said yes, so that’s where I’m getting that from.

since everyone else is kinda going along with it for now, i wanna be the first to say

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa right!


MaineBall - nice lol