My quest to becoming a better pitcher

I pitched for the second time today. I threw good, but the ump sucked. He thought balls below the lettering (basically down the middle) were balls, but at the ankles were strikes. Anyway I got two strikouts, but walked like 5 batters. I was throwing high because the field was a softball field so I had to pitch and step on a mound. This resulted in me shortening my stride and I threw high. If we were at the normal field I would have done much better. I threw some curves for the first time and got a strikeout with one. Oh, and also my coach told me to kind of crouch down a little to get the balls down in the strike zone, it worked. So how do you guys think I did?

P.S. I learned to place pitches a little bit. I thre a high inside to every batter for a strike. I still need work on that though.

Very nice. Keep going at your own pace and stay comfortable. You Dias this was your second time, so you are just starting out.most important thing is to try to not change anything to fast. See what works for you