My Quest for D1 scholarship and the Show

Ok, here is the begining of my personal pitching log. I will be updating this everyday i can about my workouts, diet or diet changes, games, any progress i see, and anything i wanna share to keep it interesting.

I’ll start off with the basics…


1.Whey protein shake, two mega mens sports vitamins

Lunch (at school)

  1. 1-2 six inch meat and cheese subs w/fruit cup, and an apple or orange.
    On mondays and wednesdays i get our schools stir fry (noodles, meat and vegetables)

Snack after school
Some type of fruit or vegetable like oranges, pineapple, colliflower(spelling), something light.

It varies from day to day. I love anything with meat so i have that on most days. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever any junk like fastfood. The closest thing i have to fastfood is subway.

(on work out days i lift between these meals)

About 2-3 hours before bed
Within 30 min. of my workout i have 1-2 peanut butter sandwiches with a whey protein shake.

Now for the fun part…

WORKOUTS (about 5 days a week, sometimes more)

These arent in any order except the first one…

1.First i go on our treadmill for about 10-15 to get my heart pumping
2.20 bicep curls with a 20 pound dumbbell
3.30 tricep excersise reps (hols the weight over your head w/elbows bent and extend arm)
4.About 20-30 reps (it varies) of a whole packet of sit-up variations our coaches gave us.
5.Rotator cuff/shoulder excersises (another packet our coach gave us)
7.Then i go on the treadmill (running/jogging) for as long as i can.
8.And i end by doing 3 sets of 20 pushups

I’ll update this again on Tuesday, sorry for this post being so boring but it’s getting late and i had to hurry up…i’ll try to keep my next posts more interesting. I’m going to be updating this untill I can’t throw a ball anymore :wink: lol

P.S. If anyone here has any pointers on diet, workouts, etc. feel free to speak up :lol:


What are you trying to accomplish with the workout? If you are only doing a few exercises then bicep curls should not be included - they dont aid performance. Squats are good and they should be the emphasis of any good strength building program. If you need ideas of exercises to add, try looking at pullups, bent rows, deadlifts, DB benching, and variations thereof. Also, you might want to look at shifting your running from long distance to shorter, more intense sprint sessions. It will help build more explosive power which transfers better to a short and explosive activity like pitching (and baseball in general).

I’ll be able to do all of that later this week…i’m getting all sorts of stuff but untill then i’ll stick to this. If i shouldn’t be doing bicep curls then i won’t.

this log sucks…i just got some workout equipment and i’ll be able to do WAY more exercises. I’ll start a new and better one soon :slight_smile: 8) :slight_smile: 8)

Baseball practice is starting monday and i may need some pointers…i think i may be able to get to the school weight room once or twice a week… What do you think i should work at… Im 6ft1 250lbs.