My progress toward becoming a D1 player at any position



Should I do 100 pushups a day? Or like every other day? Please tell me I would like to improve my upper body strength alot.


I didn’t read all 80+ entries. Are you doing pull ups and chin ups? These are also great exercises and are easy to do at home with a $20 bar that can mount in a doorway in your home. Med ball overhead slams and trunk twists are also good exercises. Vertical jumps onto boxes or other elevated surfaces are good too.


Well Im doing the Tuff Cuff Program and Im on Phase 2 right now. Im not doing any pull ups or chin ups. One of my coaches told me that if I do pull ups to hold a neutral grip so its less stress on my throwing arm. Same thing for push ups, I need to do push ups at 45 degrees not all the way out.


I did these exercises during all my stints as a player and so has my son and some other kids I’ve helped. We have never had an arm injury of any kind due to these exercises.

The only time I ever had arm soreness was for a brief period of time when I listened to my coach and iced after pitching. I quickly ditched the ice and never looked back.

My son has never missed a start due to arm soreness and has never left a game due to fatigue at any pitch total less than 120.

If a shoulder gets injured, it’s not due to the pullups and chinups, I can assure you that.


Speaking of icing I have heard now that it is bad to ice after games. What do you recommend I do instead? Also for the pull ups I will research and ask some other coachs opinions about it.


For what its worth, I would definitely do pushups and pullups etc, you will not get injured. Also, when I pitch I never iced afterwards, I found that it slowed my healing process (no scientific evidence on the ice, just my experience)


Should I do like 100 pushups every day or do I need like recovery time?


There’s a common fitness challenge that recommends 200 or 300 pushups per day for a month. So if you’re only doing 100/day you should be fine


October 9th:

  • 1 hour of speed and conditioning. Worked on leg drive and band resistance. I need to make sure I keep my arms at 90 degrees at all time when running and take them from cheek to cheek. Also my knees need to get up higher when running.


Ok, I read all the posts. To be honest, you should work on more pitching mechanics if you want to compete as a pitcher. I saw your video of pitching mechanics, but you will definitely get hurt if you don’t change your pitching mechanics. I experienced TJ surgery, and I still regret that I didn’t fix my pitching mechanics when I was young. You are still freshman, so you have enough time. Don’t worry about strength and conditioning right now. You can play in college level if you have descent pitching mechanics which doesn’t hurt your elbow/shoulder. Please don’t follow the same path as me.


October 21th:


Pitched 2.2 innings gave up 2 earned runs. I walked 4 batters though which was unusual for me. I also was pitching more over the top people said and Im feeling less pain from throwing now and I last longer do to my better mechanics.


I went 2 - 6 with 2 solid line drives to right center. I could have got a double on one of them but it was risky and were down by alot. In all my atbats I hit 3 ground balls to 3rd base for outs and one pop up to 2nd base. I just need to get ready and use my hips and not just my hands. I also got a walk today in a 3-1 count.


I went 1 -1 from the field today. I played right field and caught a line drive. There was also another play but it was in the sun and I didn’t have sun glasses on. It wasn’t an error but I had it in my glove but it bounced out. I need to close my glove and grip it harder to keep it in.


I stole a base one time today. I probably should have got a better jump though but I stilled ended up being safe.


My fall season is over now and Im preparing for highschool tryouts. I will be doing TuffCuff Phase 3 and will be working really hard this offseason.

Season Stats:

BA: .227 (5 for 22)
OBP: .320
Fielding Percentage: .857 (6 for 7)
_ERA: 3.00
Strikeouts: 7


October 28th:

Pitched 2.1 innings with two strike outs and 6 Earned runs. I will pitching good for two innings then my speed started to slow down. I think alot of the reason I let up those runs is because I don’t have an offspeed or a changeup I only pitch 4 seams and two seams right now.


I went 1 - 2 at the plate with a hard infield hit to deep in the hole short stop. I also got HBP.


1 - 1 with a play to me at third that was a hard chopped ball which I easily got and threw to 1st.




I didn’t know I had one more double header but this is for sure the last game of the season. Now onto the offseason training schedule.

Season Stats:

BA: .250 (6 for 24)
_OBP: .357 _
Fielding Percentage: .875 (7 for 8)
_ERA: 4.5
Strikeouts: 9



Forgot to mention how my sidearm progress has been. This was like a month ago and I feel like I have significantly improved since then.

OLD (How it used to be):


The camera’s a bit shaky. Pause around :13 to see my arm slot.

This is insane the progress have made and my velocity has increased as well just from this.


Looks a lot better. When you’re warmed up and ready need to work on throwing with intent.


@Steven_Ellis I was just doing Tuff Cuff Rotator Cuff exercises tonight and was wondering what it mean’t by “light dumbbell” I was using 3 pounds. Is that too light? Should I go heavier?

Also, In phase 3, there is an unload week on week 5. Do I unload for a set only on week 5 or do I do it for every week after five including week 5.


3-5 pounds is perfect. Keep up the great work!


Besides doing tuff cuff along with its weighted ball and offseason throwing program, what else should I be doing to get better? Remember I am not just a pitcher.

Is there a daily routine I could follow?


Ok so Im trying out for my highschool freshman basketball team. I will keep you guys updated on whether I make the team or not. I will continue to do baseball stuff in the off season but I also want to do basketball to avoid burnout and become more athletic.



Ok so I made the first cut of tryouts of basketball today which is the top 25 and they are inviting me back tomorrow to see if I will make the next cut. I think there is a good chance I will make the team.

They are only taking 15 for the freshman team btw.



Ok, so I didn’t make the team I was ranked 14th in the tryout and they only took 12 for the team. I will do indoor track instead to improve my speed this winter.