My progress toward becoming a D1 player at any position


haha poor coach madden, anyway good luck and train hard


August 31st:

Ok I received my TuffCuff pitching program today. Will start on it tommorow.

My games start in 2 weeks btw.


Ok I have read through most of the book @Steven_Ellis What phase should i start in? My games for the fall season start in two weeks and we have having practices right now.


I agree with your feedback! If I see a player who plays multiple positions he over the course of a game throws three different arm motions one at third base, another at first base and to top it off a pointless sidearm action to finish! Recipe for disaster! In pro ball sidearm is for guys with injuries that prevent him from going over the top “so sidearm here we come!” Guys same goes with the knuckle ball! It’s a last resort!
Ok, why 4 pitches in his repotoir? I had a HS coach once when I asked him to teach me a slider he responded with “can you throw a four seam in, middle or outside at will?” “Nope I cannot”! He said “Master one pitch first before jeopardizing your arm!” The coaches name is Brian Peterson and today is on the Tigers bench in Detroit as performance coach and team psychologist. He with one comment took me from a thrower and I became a PITCHER ’



Should I foam roll my IT band?


September 2nd:

Ok I did phase 1 week one day 3 today for Tuffcuff

I also did the throwing portion of it. I threw tonight but my elbow was hurting pretty bad… I still can not seem to change my throwing style apparently.
Im going to see a doctor tomorrow if it is an injury or if it mechanics.


Hope it’s nothing serious, doubt it is. I believe the reason you’re experiencing pain is due to how you throw; slinging it at the end with all arm and no lower body involvement. Did you ever try the throwing drills that I suggested? I honestly believe the key for you is to start with the basics. Until you get this part down none of the other stuff you’re doing is going to matter (IMO).


@Pitcher17 Im pretty sure it is tennis elbow at this point even though I haven’t gone to a doctor to see exactly what it is. I was hitting this morning and it was hurting in the same spot is was when I threw. I also played tennis earlier today and it hurt aswell.

But i will still go to the doctor.


September 4th:

Ok I did my 2nd day of TuffCuff Day 1 Week 1 Phase 1

I have Questions though.

Is it supposed to be difficult or should it be easy? Also for wrist curls and extensions, what weight should I use? @Steven_Ellis


Ok I have been really busy these past two weeks with mutliple activities and school projects I was also sick.

I will be back on schedule starting now. Also I think my velo has increased and people are telling me Im throwing more overhand now. I will record tonight and check to see if my velo has increased.


Did you go to the doctor?


Yes I did he said it was just mechanical flaws causing my elbow pain. Im still trying to work on throwing overhand btw


September 23rd:

Had a double header today.

I pitched for 3 innings. I let up 0 ERA with 2 strikeouts. Also pitched over 50% strike using four seam, two seam, and a few circle changes. I was pitching good to leftys but on rightys I made an adjustment through the game by pitching on the left side of the mound because I felt like I had more space to work them in inside I felt like when I pitched from the right side of the mound I was going to hit them since my ball tails to the right because of the sidearm which I am working on.

Had a bad day at the plate though and went 0 - 4 with 1 strikeout that was a questionable call and a fielders choice. My timing was just off and I need to work on my stride. The pitches were coming in slow and I just need to wait on it longer. Also, I took a few first pitch strikes which got me behind in the count.

In the field, I played 3rd and right field and made 2 out of 3 plays with one error on an easy play. At right field, one flyout came to me which I caught. At 3rd, a line drive and then a another slow roller at 3rd which I somehow messed up on which got me a fielding error.

But, this was my first game in like a year because I was injured most of last season because I broke my thumb from catching but I can’t just make excuses I just have to play better.

I have another double header next Saturday but I will be practicing everyday intill then and will be doing the TuffCuff Program as well.



@Steven_Ellis is the TuffCuff exercises mainly just pitching exercises or do the exercises work like your full body too for just overall strength? Like can they help with hitting and speed too?


September 30th:


Pitched 2/3 innings of relief. I came in with 1 out and a runner on 1st and 3rd with a 3-2 count. I walked that batter but then right after got a strikeout for two outs. Then they hit a single off of me which allowed the man on 3rd to score (even though it wasnt a earned run) and now a man on 1st and 3rd. Then I ended up getting another strike out to finish the inning.

Two strike outs out of 3 batters faced.


Hit not good again today. I ended up going 1- 5 with a single. I made contact though in every at bat which is a positive and almost got a walk in a 3-2 count but decided to swing on a close pitch. But no worries I just gotta keep working.


Only one play came to me in the field. It was a line drive when I was playing right which made me 1 - 1 for fielding for the day. Another ball got hit in the gap which I threw perfectly to the cut off man to get someone in a pickle which also led to an out.


Never got the steal sign or decided to steal on my own so no stolen bases for today. I did advance on one pass ball though. I gotta work on my lead offs and be more aggressive. I am way to close to the bag because Im afraid of getting picked up so I need to practice that.



Season Stats:

BA: .111 (1 for 9)
Fielding Percentage: .750 (3 for 4)
_ERA: 0.00
Strikeouts: 4

Btw I will be using this format after each game in the future. Let me know if you would like to know any other stats if interested.


it would be good if you could get some videos of you hitting and pitching in game.


Lofty goals. I like it. Do you have a short term, incremental set of goals? For example a hitter may want to increase his hand speed or max bat speed at contact, etc. Where is he now, what is he going to do to impact those metrics, what’s the time frame, and how will changes be measured?


October 7th:


Pitched only 1.2 innings. Did pretty bad and gave up 6 runs. I was throwing only 4 seams and 2 seams because I gotta work on my form. I need to develop an off speed pitch probably the slider since its better for lower arm slot pitchers and I need to get my circle change to be more accurate and more reliable since I don’t feel comfortable using it on the mound. I also need to throw a better percentage of strike. The game I pitched, I only threw 48% strikes.


I went 1 - 3 for the day with a single. My first I bat it was a 2 - 0 count and the pitcher threw me an outside ball which I took to right field. It was a line drive but the right fielder was right there to make the catch. The second at bat, it was a 2 - 1 count and the pitcher threw me another outside pitch that I took for a strike to get me behind in the count. I then fouled off an inside pitch to stay alive and the pitch after that he threw me a curve ball which I took for strike 3. My last at bat for the day, It was a 1 - 0 count and the pitcher threw me a pitch right down the middle which I took again to right field but this time it dropped for a single.


I went 1 - 1 from the field today. A ground ball came to me at third with bases loaded and 1 out. I threw it to home for the out and we almost got a double play when the catcher threw it to first but the runner was safe.


I got on base one time today from my single. The player after me tryed hitting a sac bunt but the ball was popped up. I didn’t wanted to get doubled up so I only took a few steps from first. The ball ended up dropping but only like an inch from the catchers glove and they ended up throwing me out at second. I probably should have been a few more steps off the bag at first, but my teammate needs to be able to place down that bunt too.


My right middle finger was bleeding when I was pitching which I think affected my accuracy slightly. It is because I gripped the ball by the seams. I’m probably going to lay off the seams a little bit so I don’t get friction from it when I throw.

Season Stats:

BA: .166 (2 for 12)
Fielding Percentage: .800 (4 for 5)
_ERA: 0.00 Not sure gotta ask coach will edit when I find info
Strikeouts: 5
Goal for the Week:

Reach 150 lbs


October 8th:

What I did today:

  • Hit for 2 hours with front toss and side toss. Was working on trying to turn my hips and have less of an arms swing. I hit solid line drives but if I were to twist my hips more they would go so much farther allowing me to get more doubles and triples.


Alright will do that for next weeks games.