My progress toward becoming a D1 player at any position


Your glove almost immediately tucks to your chest in the pitching video. While throwing you do get your glove out In front (at least initially) prior to rotation.


August 10th:

Ran 4/5s of mile at 8 minute pace

Did stretching

Then Shoulder Routine:

Regular Fly 2x8
Front Fly 2x8
Mid Fly 2x8
Bent Over Fly 2x8
Goal Post 2x8
Int/Extra Rotation 2x8

It was the first day of the pitching program so I barely did anything but tommorow I will long toss and do this program and hit and field so a lot coming tommorow.



In Pitching 365.2 (The Pitching Program I bought)
The guys long toss style is different then what Im used to doing. Hes saying to long toss at shorter distances and more on a line instead of going as far out as you can and throwing at different angles then coming in for a pull down phase and gradually throwing on a line.

These are the different long toss routines hes telling me to do on certain days:

Long Toss Program #1
Feet Throws
45 x 9
60 x 9
75 x 5
Long Toss Program #2
Feet Throws
45 x 8
60 x 8
75 x 8
90 x 5
Long Toss Program #3
Feet Throws
45 x 8
60 x 8
75 x 7
90 x 7
105 x 5
Long Toss Program #4
Feet Throws
45 x 8
60 x 8
75 x 7
90 x 7
105 x 6
120 x 5
Long Toss Program #5
Feet Throws
45 x 8
60 x 8
75 x 7
90 x 7
105 x 5
120 x 5
135 x 5
Long Toss Program #6
Feet Throws
45 x 7
60 x 7
75 x 7
90 x 5
105 x 5
120 x 5
135 x 5
150 x 5

Should I follow this or do more of the Alan Jaegar version of long toss? John Madden or yougopro does recommend doing Jaegar bands before throwing.

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How hard you grip the ball and when you break your hands are things I don’t normally instruct. Focus on other aspects of your delivery and these things should take care of themselves.



How often should I use the rice bucket? Also for how many sets at a time?

I follow these exercises:

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I don’t have a clue on this one.


August 11th:

  • Conditioning for an hour and did sled drags and plyometrics

-Lifted Weights
Squats Planks Rows etc.

Tornado warning at night of course so I couldn’t long toss when my dad was home


Ok unless someone gives me a solid point to do shorter long toss and on a line I’m going to stick with Alan Jaegars version of long toss.


Going to be opinions all over the place on this subject. Do what you think works for you. Since you are going to use the Jagear program I’d encourage you to watch fully before implementing. Need to include the pull down phase. By the way I think it’s a great program but I’d still work on basics in your case.



For you pitchers who have played or are playing, what was your routine like in the offseason, preseason, inseason, and post season? Just curious.


It’s been fun following your progress over the last few weeks. Keep up the great work.

One note, it’s tough to provide support for 365 because not many on this forum have used it. Most not surprisingly are TUFFCUFF PRO, Driveline or NPA pitchers. I’d reach out to them directly for some of your more specific questions; you may get more clarity about the 365 programming questions you have.

If you have questions about TUFFCUFF PRO, then I can certainly help. The all-new PRO edition I published this month was three years in the making, based entirely on MLB programming, and something I’m really proud of.



So I hear people talking about different Phases in your program. Are these basically like the offseason inseason and pre season training?

Also is it true that the stuff included in it about nutrition is great information?


5 phases (8 weeks each). Nutrition is one of the four parts of the Regeneration process following a workout/pitching performance. I wouldn’t worry about any program until you spend the next few weeks just throwing, as I mentioned in another thread. So vitally important to start simple, so you can be successful, before advancing to an MLB-level program.


Ok so I asked my friend @Roddem to post what I did today because I forgot the password to my account but I finally remembered it but it didn’t allow him to post for some reason and had to be approved by an admin. Anyway…

August 14th:

  • Took 100 groundballs 20 standard depth, 20 double play depth, 20 cut of grass, 20 halfway, and 20 deep

  • Did a longtoss session. Felt the best I’ve ever had because of the new mechanics you guys have talked to me about. My elbow had little to no pain compared to what it used to have and I even felt like my velocity increased.

  • Weight Lifting Session with these exercises:
    Eccentric Goblet Squat 5 x 5 30 lbs
    Feet Elevated Push-Ups 2 x 15 1 x 20 (These are the hardest for me to do)
    Goblet Dumbbell Split Squats 3 x 20 each leg
    Cable Face Pull 1 x 12 2 x 20 lbs
    45 Degree Back Extension 3 x 20
    One armed Rows 3 x 8 each arm 22.5 lbs

  • Hit with my batting instructor. The goal for today was to get me to turn my hips even more because sometimes I just use all arm. He gave me a great drill to work on at home so that I can improve one twisting my hips in a swing.

  • Hit my nutrition goals of 80 g fat, 150 g protein, and 215 g carbos. Will tell you guys my updated weight tommorow.

On another note my practices for my team start next week and my team has 9th and 10th graders so I will be one of the younger ones on the team but I will still try as hard as I can to be the best player on the team.

Also I’m going on vacation tommorow but I will still make sure to throw and do conditioning so I’m not taking the days completly off. I’m going to Yankees Stadium, Fenway Park , and Rogers Centre which is a great way to end off the summer though.


@Steven_Ellis I have a quick question about the Tuff Cuff program. I am considering buying the program but I was wondering if I could do the program at home or if it requires a gym/having to go somewhere to be able to do the program?


August 22nd:

I’m back from vacation and Im ready to get back into things. I have practice tonight.


Ok I’m having a scrimmage Sunday and I will pitch. Time to get prepared for it.


@Steven_Ellis How often should I use the rice bucket to strengthen my forearms?


August 24th:

Sorry this log is two days late.

  • I did my full body workout today. Rows, Squats, Elevated Lunges, Push-ups,

  • I also did a dumbbell shoulder routine

  • And I hit with my instructor and told me to keep my shoulder closed intill I dropped my bat into the slot.


August 28th:

Ok I’ve decided to start the tuffcuff program today so I ordered it.
I’ve heard from all of you how great of a program it is and decided that I think I should use it since no one has used pitching 365.2.