My progress toward becoming a D1 player at any position


I completely agree, main focus is fixing those mechanics to get a solid base that strength training can work off of in the future.


How much weight do you think I should be at?

The program costs 50 dollars


At 5’9", I would like to see you work towards 170lbs (as a goal for the year)


His name on the site is just Roger?


So it is ok to do long distance running and Sprints in the some week or day? Like the long distance running won’t slow me down if Im trying to run a faster 60 yard dash?


Another thing I have noticed through reading through his program is his long toss tells you to throw it on a line while other programs like Jagaer tell you to throw it on an arc to allow your arm to stretch out. Also his program maximum throwing distance is 150 feet. What is everyones opinion on this style of long toss instead of going farther out?


Yes, you can search his name and send a PM. Also think you can put on message board and include @Roger in the message to direct to his attention.


Go to main menu & select users. Can type in his name to find. From there you can find option to send him a message. I believe he’s NPA certified and very experienced working with younger pitchers.



Pitcher17’s assessment of your mechanics along with his suggestions are right on track. You should read them again and ask questions to make sure you understand them well enough to put them into practice.


Ok When I grip my 4 seam fast ball I heard some people grip it hard while others say “grip it like an egg”

@Roger whats your opinion?

Also do I break my hands right after I start to go down?


Here’s a clip of Justin Verlander in slow motion. Notice how his glove stays over his front knee. Notice how the front and back shoulders are in sync (equal & opposite). Not telling you to mimic any other pitcher but this is a general principal you must learn. By the way; this is a HIGH velocity pitcher. On the grip; gripping tight or choaking it will reduce speed. Grip should be out in your fingers, loose if 4S fastball. Some pitchers choke the ball on off speed pitches.


August 9th:

Ok I did an hour of conditioning
including all of this:

2 20-yard sprints at 75% effort
2 40-yard sprints at full effort
2 60-yard sprints at full effort
2 40-yard sprints at full effort
2 20-yard sprints at full effort

2 30-yard sprints at 50% effort
8 60-yard Build-Up sprints: first 30 yards at 75% effort, second 30 yards at 100% effort

2 x 30 yards - cones 10 yards apart
2 x 60 yards - cones 15 yards apart
2 x 60 yards - cones 20 yards apart
2 x 60 yards - cones 10 yards apart

  • I also studied alot on mechanics today and watched the Justin Verlander Pitching Video. I will start pitching 365.2 program tommorow.


I’m going to post my infield/outfield throwing mechanics today because that is what is throwing my pitching mechanics way off.


Me throwing like I would playing the infield or outfield. Im not throwing at full speed just trying to get better mechanics.


Much better than off the mound. Compare your glove from this video to your pitching video and notice the difference. Not ideal, not really using your body and need to control your glove side but much much better than off the mound. I’d stick to throwing for the short term and throw with INTENT. Think this may work out some of the issues.


@Pitcher17 What are some things wrong with my throwing mechanics that I can work on


At this point it’s generating momentum and controlling your glove side. Intent means to throw the ball with conviction. You want to keep your form but you have to let it rip, like you want to throw it through a brick wall. I know you’re not impressed with the throwing drills but honestly believe it’ll help you out. Always throw 4 seam when you’re not on the mound. Actually when you do throw from the mound I would stick with the 4 seam for a while.


@Pitcher17 What exactly should my glove side look like through each stage of throwing?


Your glove will stay over your front knee. You do a better job throwing than you do pitching with it. Need to stay a little longer


@Pitcher17 I don’t see the difference between my pitching and throwing video with my glove. Can you please explain that to me?