My progress toward becoming a D1 player at any position

My name is Matthew Walter. I am a 3rd basemen, 1st basemen, and RHP and I have decided to start a pitching log as a freshman in high school. I am currently playing for a 16u travel team starting back up again in the fall. I am going into 9th grade.

I hope to one day play D1 baseball and eventually pro ball.

Basic Intro:
Height- 5’9"
Weight- 149
Year- Rising Freshmen
Positions- 3rd basemen, 1st basemen, RHP
Pitches- 4 seam, Sinker, Slider, and Circle Change

Short term goals:
Make Varsity Freshmen year
Get more velocity through mechanics
Speed on 60 yard dash drop by .5 seconds or more

More Extensive Goals:
Senior Year 90+ fastball
Junior Year 86+ fastball
Sophomore Year 81+ fastball
Freshman Year 75+ fastball
Start Varsity by Sophomore year
Get D1 offers from schools like UVA, and UCLA
Bat .500 in at least one year in highschool
Have 60 yard dash below 7 seconds
Field over 93 percent of ground balls cleanly.
Get drafted after D1 college baseball

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Can someone share with me a routine they do that helps increase their velocity please? Also what weight should I aim for?


Should I start a weighted ball program?

Ok so I brought a PVC Pipe today to help shoulder mobility. I’m also going to be measuring my velocity one time each week to check my progress.

August 6th:

  • I did 45 minutes to an hour of tee drills
  • fielded atleast 100 groundballs cleanly
  • No Lifting Recovery Day

I’m going to measure my velocity today after watching mechanical videos on how to pitch. Let’s see if I can make some pitching gains.

You should be around 150-160, for velocity I like to work my shoulders with light dumbbells and do some squats.

August 7th:

Ok I didn’t get to measure my velocity today because it was raining and my dad was still at work but this is what I did accomplish.

  • Did 45 minutes of tee drills hit a PB of 78 Bat Speed averaging in the 60’s for bat speed

  • Did a lifting session:
    5x8 Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 22.5 pounds
    4x8 each leg Dumbbell lunges 25 pounds
    Dumbbell Isometric Hip Thrust 3x6 30 pounds
    Planks 3 x 1 minute
    Chest Supported Dumbbell Posterior Fly Palms Facing In 3 x 15 5 pounds
    Chest Supported Dumbbell Row 3 x 15 22.5 pounds

  • Hit with batting instructor for an hour. Was working on a toe tap and told me to make sure I was leaning forward the entire time but once my stride foot touched the ground I was balanced.

Protein - ate over 150 grams of protein
Carbos - ate over 215 grams of carbos
fat - ate over 80 grams of fat
I ate over 3000 calories today too with all nutritious food and had a protein shake after my workout.

@c2kg What is the shoulder program you use? How heavy are the dumbbells? How old are you? And how often should I do this routine?

Also do you use a rice bucket to strengthen your forearms?


I do most of these and you can do some of these with bands if if doesn’t feel right with dumbbells
No I don’t but I’ve heard a rice bucket can be very helpful.

Do you do them every day tho?

Yes but only on the days I throw which ranges from 4-7 days a week. You need to know and understand how much your arm and body take.

Can I do the shoulder workout even on the days I do a full body workout? Will it affect my recovery?

Also have you used a total bar or a body blade?

Ok so Im think of changing my sidearm throughing style to 3 quarters or higher.

I will probably keep sidearm for pitching though because I have alot of movement with it.

Does anyone know how I can go after doing this?

If you’re a HS Freshman not so sure changing your arm slot is a good idea. Go with what comes natural & make it work. On the other hand if you recently dropped down & it isn’t working out going back to your natural arm slot might not be a bad idea. Post some video if you have it. Have seen pitchers described as side arm that are low 3/4’s.

Im going into 9th grade so starting highschool this year. I’ve always been a sidearmer and I don’t know how to go over the top I think it is because of my strength level.

Me Pitching:

I’d consider your arm slot to be 3/4, not side arm. Before you start thinking about changing arm slots I’d start with the basics. First start with the feet closer together, no need for so much movement in the beginning. Second is work on your hand break. Notice how your glove tucks almost immediately and certainly prematurely. Work on equal and opposite. Get the glove out in front, think of thumb down. Don’t really have to pull the glove, just let it occur naturally as your shoulders rotate. As they begin to rotate you’ll go from thumb down to thumb up. What you’re doing now is kind of slinging the ball, not getting into a position to generate any kind of power. Your stride is pretty much nonexistent now but don’t try to increase stride length in and of itself. Look up the Hershiser drill on you tube. This will help you get the feel of generating momentum. Generating momentum and proper shoulder rotation should increase your stride length naturally. Working on these issues should help not only with velocity but also control. Strength training alone is not going to be a big help. Good luck!

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Also look up pics on grips. Looks like you have the ball gripped in the palm of your hand. Looks like a kind of change up grip. If this is the case you’re probably losing 10% or so of velocity doing this alone.

Alright thank you for the feedback on my mechanics. Today I purchased yougopros pitching 365.2 and I’m hoping I can see great results from using this program for gaining velocity and improving mechanics.


Since I’m not just a pitcher and play multiple positions for example, in parts of his program, it tells me to go for a distance run but I thought I should go for sprints instead to gain speed. Also I have a full body strength program I do on mondays wednesdays and fridays. What do you think I should do?

My goal through this program is mainly to gain velocity and become a better pitcher. In a few years if I happen to be a pitcher then Im fine with it but intill then…

Being in 9th grade, you may have some catch up to do. I’d get on a radar gun as soon as possible to establish a baseline.

In my opinion, you should focus on:

  1. Your mechanics
  2. Gaining as much weight as possible

If you don’t mind me asking how much did the program cost?

Also, it doesn’t have to be one or the other (jog or sprint). Both work different things.

I would recommend a jog 2x / week, and sprints 3x / week. Along with sprints pre-game and a jog/poles post-game.

Message me if you have more questions.

I’d advise sprints for pitching. Strength training is fine but believe you can make mechanical adjustments that will make a difference. Until you adjust these issues I don’t believe strength training will show any marked improvement. Reach out to Roger, he’s an administrator on this site. Very knowledgeable guy that speaks in a language we can all understand. Think he could be very helpful to you.