My pre-season workout

Just like on the previous post by NC15, I am just finishing up my summer ball league as well and getting ready for the fall ball in 8 weeks. It has the power movements and a lot hypertrophy and strength movements to it.

Here is a basic template of the workout I was given:

Snatch Variation
Chest Exercise
Core Training (3-5 different ones each time)

Plyometrics (upper and lower)

Clean Variation
Dead Lift/Pulls
Lat Pulldown
Core Training

Tuesday stuff

Squat Press/Split Jerk
Push Up Variation (Rotation, Depth, Suspended Chains)
Body Row
Single Leg RDL
Core Training

Is this type of program crap or is it worth doing?

Drop the lat pulldowns and add pullups instead. Other than that it looks very good.

Hey, here is a more specific example of the program:

Monday: (Week 1, 2, 3, 4)
Snatch Variation (Hang Power Snatch, Snatch from Floor, Repeat)
Squat (Front, Physioball Squat, Back Squat, Physioball Squat)
Bench (Incline Barbell, Flat Dumbbell, Flat Barbell, Incline Dumbbell)
Chest (Flat Bench Fly, DB Pull Over, Incline Fly, DB Pull Over)
Shoulders (Seated Arnold, Shoulder Raise Sequence, Seated Military, Raises)
Triceps (Skullcrusher+closegrip, Push Down, Dips, OH Tri Ext.)
Core:(Prone Ball Roll, Russian Twists on Ball, Rev. Hyper)

Wednesday: (Week 1, 2, 3, 4)
Clean Variation (Hang Power Clean, Hang Squat Clean, Repeat)
Dead/Pulls (Clean Pull, Sumo Dead)
Lat Pulldown (Wide, close, wide neutral, close underhand)
Hamstrings (Glut-Ham, RDL, Ball Leg Curl, Single Leg Ext.)
Rows (Seated Overhand, Barbell Row, Seated Neutral, DB Bent)
Biceps (Alt. DB, Standing BB, Preacher, Incline DB)
Core (Hanging Ab raise, Side Bend w/Cable/DB, Back Ext.)

Squat Press/Jerk (Push Jerk, DB Squat Press, Split Jerk, DB squat Press)
Push-Up (Rotation, Depth, Rotation, Med Ball Explosive)
Lunges/Step Ups (Lateral Lunge, Cross-over Step-up, Multi Direction)
Body Row (Inverted Row stuff from chains)
Single Leg RDL (on aeromat or bosu ball)
Core (Wood Chops, 4-Way Core Holds, Supermans)

The program is more specific hypertrophy work with power work put in it. Besides the power or strength lifts at the beginning (clean, snatch, squat, bench, jerk), the program is mainly 8-12 rep program. Also, for the core lifts, the rep scheme is more like 8,6,4,6 with increasing weight. After 4 weeks of this program, I will move into a more strength related training with high weights and less reps.

Is hypertrophy completely wrong for a baseball player who trying to put on weight??

lifting and getting stronger is good and helpful, but it won’t mean anything if your mechanics aren’t where they need to be. I lift and run 3 days a week and work on my mechanics and do longtoss the other 4 days.