My pitching

Oke let me show you the vids from last year…theyre so sad…XD :

and the ones i took today

i think my mechanics have improved and what’s most notable is how much faster my arm action is from last year. Although i beleive im still throwing the same speed oddly enough.

so what do you guys think?

also my left legs seems to be more balanced most of the time…there are still times when i look like im gonna fall down but for the most part im good.

Looking pretty good there. I’d love to see more video after you try generating sideways momentum earlier and keeping it going throughout the stride. The lift of the knee is done such that everything is very slow during it. Get the hips going sideways earlier. Then show us some more video.

so push off a bit more with my back leg and turn my his sooner?

I’m going to avoid saying exactly how to get the momentum going except to say that you need to avoid any hesitation as you lift that knee. If I were to tell you to push off harder, the down side might be that you pause even more because you drop on the back leg in order to drive harder. All I’ll suggest is for you to get the centre of gravity away from being directly over your posting foot and staying there for any length of time. Experiment. As your knee is getting to the top, get the leading hip going to get the centre of gravity out there. You do not want “stability” over that back foot.

what i was visualizing in my mind was something along the lines of as my leg riaches its peak my body should be already getting the forward momentum going?

Alot of my coaches want me to work on balance on my back leg and alot of times they make my pause when i lift my leg befor i go forward…i hate doing that xD

You’re on the right track, in my opinion. Yes, there are coaches out there who preach “balance point”. That’s a tough one, since they are your coaches and can influence your ability to play. I heard a guy say recently that he asked his coaches, when they told him to pause there, “…then why don’t we just start at the balance point?” I thought that was an interesting question.

Most pros do not pause at this point. They get the centre of gravity going sideways as soon as, or even just before, the knee gets to the top. Check out the videos in the library on this site for evidence.

To get the hips going, there no doubt needs to be a push - a sideways push by the side of the foot against the rubber. But that shouldn’t be your focus. You should focus instead on pushing your hips toward home plate. You might find it easier to do if you start with your knees bent a bit.

with my mechanics the way they are , can anyone throw a guess as how hard i throw?

in addition to my question above…i tried to start shifting forward as my leg reaches its peak and it feel really weird…has anyone else had trouble with it ? is it just something i gotta get used to?

is it more like rocking? like you shift your weight to you back leg and then use it for momentum going forward…like rocking??