My Pitching Video!

Here is me pitching before the season started on flat ground. i am 14 years old. my height is 5’9" and weigh 125 pounds. i think my problem is i have unneeded head movement up and down and right and left. what do you guys see?

side view:

back view:

i think you are not using yuor trunk rotation as much ass you should


what do u meen by trunk rotation?

Since you said in your intro that you try to follow the NPA mechanics model, I’ll use NPA terminology.

Looks like you start with a slight bend in your knees and waist. That’s good. It also looks like you get your momentum started early and lead with your left hip/butt cheek so you’re doing a good job with “lift and thrust” (the 8th imperative that didn’t make it into The Art and Science of Pitching). And you do a good job with swivel and stabilize though I’m thinking there’s a chance you’re swiveling a tiny bit early.

Now for the issues…

First thing I notice is your back foot lifts off the ground instead of dragging. And definitely well before ball release. This can be an indicator of a posture issue - getting the head and shoulders out front too far/soon. It can also be caused by opening up early.

Second thing I notice is that you don’t quite get to “equal and opposite”. You keep your throwing arm bent but you extend your glove arm straight out in front.

I’m going to suggest that your back foot is lifting due to the shoulders opening early, that the shoulders open early because you swivel early, and that you swivel early because your glove arm takes too much time extending out front and then bending so you’re having to play catch-up.

That last part is a bit of a guess but, regardless, I think the first thing you should work on is getting to “equal and opposite” at foot plant. This will give you the timing to delay shoulder rotation. Keep in mind that these are small adjustments.


I should have added that when you work on “equal and opposite”, make your adjustments to the glove arm - not the throwing arm.

Roger said everything that needed to be said on mechanics. I’m in agreement with him.

That being said, what kind of workout do you do, if any? Being a little bit more specific, what kind of core/abdominal program do you do, if any? I wonder because postural issues can sometimes be the effect of a weak core.

I believe you said you were 14 and 5’9", 125 lbs. I would imagine you are going to be a freshman in high school next this coming fall. It’s about that time to start adding musculature and gain weight. In my opinion, you’re biggest issue is strength. Get back to me on the workouts, and we’ll talk.

  • Jake

what i see when you pitch is what my high school coach tells every pitcher to do. Get upper body torque. Meaning when your front (left) foot reaches the ground you need to turn your hips and upper body so you have much more velocity and helps you have a much better follow through. If this underlined part doesn’t make sense let me know i have a few videos that help to explain it.