My Pitching Video

hey everyone. this is the first video that i have ever made of me pitching. sorry about the resolution it was recorded on my cell phone. btw i dont have a enough room in my backyard to pitch from 60 ft. so it was only about 45 ft. please respond

Additional Info:
5’ 5-6"
115 lbs
Freshman in HS
Pitches: Fastball, Slider, Change-up

wow 35 views and no replies. i didnt spend 5 hours making a youtube account and downloading this video onto my computer just 4 people to look at. so send me a reply

Is that how you think anyone will actually want to help you? You do realize that nobody on this site is getting paid for what they do, don’t you?

Well said dm! I’m in full agreement with you.

Give it time for people to reply there son. Be patient.

For what it’s worth, you won’t get a response from me because the clips not that good and it’s done with a camera phone. Look at some of the clips from use the same angels and use an actual camera.

That’s a unique setup you’ve got going on :shock:

Haha I could see a curveball in the dirt right now.

That’s probably the worst angle to viedotape from. I prefer a clip shot from the side (from 3b side for a righty) and another from the front or back straight-on. Also, it’s very important to be able to see your feet and the rubber.

i don’t see much flex in the elbow when you throw, the stride has to be fairly short for you to stand up that straight after delivery, and there is not much rotation before you throw.

  1. get your feet apart on the stride. try to stride as far as your height (without striding in the pool)

  2. throw the ball way out in front of your head closer to the target.

  3. get some bend in your back knee, firm it up, and get those hips going to the target first, then rotate hard to throw the ball.

the nolan ryan video clips will help a ton. try to simulate what he is doing as close as you can, you’ll develop your own style from there.

good luck buddy, work at it.

ok sorry about that. im new to the forum and i just get impatient sometimes.

EDIT: I should have another video up shortly. I am resting due to shoulder and elbow soreness.

Well, I was going to make my own post, but Roger said exactly what I was going to say. I’ll be more than happy to help with a good angle (or two). :slight_smile: