My Pitching Practice

Here is a video of my pitching practice on the Little League mound(46 ft). I’d like for you people to check my mechanics as well as give a visual estimate about how fast that is. I’m 11u and was throwing about 95% effort. I looked on a speed calculator website and they said I was only throwing 50. I would appreciate some feedback. Thank You.

For more effective analysis on your mechanics, you should really post a more close up video from the side. its difficult to folow your arm action. From what I can see it looks about 50 give or take but again a radar gun is the only thing that can give an accurate reading. Also, you seem to be flying open, and need to work on a more complete follow through.

Agree with earlier comment. Need closer video and different angles. Looks like you’re only using all upper body throwing. Good news; you’re young. Plenty of time; post some better video & believe you’ll get some good advice.