My Pitching Motion




I feel really comfortable with the hip swinging the other way.


Looks good.

For a start, keep the shoulders level more throughout the delivery, especially immediately after you separate your hands/hand break. Your back shoulder comes way up toward the sky; should be little “up and down” movement of the shoulders–just rotational movement.


Thank you Steven!


You rotate your shoulders way to early, making it almost impossible to create torque. You need to get moving earlier in your delivery during your leg lift. Kept working!


Your also pushing the ball.


Thank you, it’s a lot more complicated than I thought :sweat:.


Anything else? Anything I’m doing right?


Put a mirror in front of you so you can see yourself. Stand tall crunch you abs and try not to lean stay more linear. Find somewhere with more space to practice.


I don’t think he’s active anymore.