My Pitching Mechanics

I’ve never played baseball or been coached at all, obviously. I primarily just throw in my backyard every other day and have been for about a year now. I noticed my stride is really short, but I think that would improve if I threw off a mound, which I never have before.

I was just wondering about some glaring mistakes and if it appears I have any potential at all. Thanks.

You throw all arm (not good) I suggest getting a pitching coach

It looks like you throw hard and have good arm speed. But I’d say with your mechanics you won’t be able to throw long and you could get a lot more speed on your fastball.

When your in the set position you come back behind your body too much. Once you pick that front foot up your body should fall towards your target and your body shouldn’t coil as much as it does. Once you lift your foot bring it strait up and once you start to bring it up you have to start “falling” towards the plate. Don’t bring it behind your other leg almost like you are doing now. Bring it strait up and let your body fall towards your target. This will get your stride where it needs to be.

What basbeall are you playing now and what are your goals?

when u throw ur not using ur body at all. you have no drive, momentum, n stride

u cud throw alot harder cuz now ur just using ur arm

You definetly have GREAT arm speed, that is for sure. Some mechanics would definetaly help you.