My Pitching Mechanics

Hey guys, I’m brand new here and just wanted to see what you all thought of my pitching mechanics. I’m a HS Senior C-turned-P and I throw in the low-mid 80s. I have a few pictures showing some parts of my motion but no videos. I’m open to any and all suggestions/criticisms so fire away.


P.S. - I’ve had some arm problems, both elbow and shoulder, and I was wondering if you see anything in there that could be causing that…


Sorry for the size, I’ll see if I can fix it.

Hard to judge much from those pictures but I’ll take a stab.

In the first picture, it appears you’ve reached the “balance point”. You’re at or close to the peak of your knee lift and you’re weight is back over the posting leg. Lots of coaches teach that - make pitcher practice the balance point drill. But you’d be better off getting your center of gravity moving forward sooner. This will help you build momentum and will also aid with timing. Look at the video clip of Randy Johnson in the Video Clips forum and you’ll see Randy moving forward well before the peak of his knee lift.

In general, a lack of momentum and energy coming from the lower half often results in timing issues and throwing all arm. These certainly could have contributed to your arm health issues.

the second pic tells the tale for me. you are already committed to the plate. what i mean is if you draw a line through the middle of your body where your spine is, your shoulders are already in front of the line. the only thing you can throw with is the arm and it gets tired fast. look at the video clips of nolan ryan and sandy koufax on this site. they are well behind verticle as they move down the mound before front foot strike. let’s start there.

Good catch, Dusty. If you look at the first picture, you’ll also see a posture that positions the shoulder a bit forward.