My pitching mechanics

Hi I’m new to this site, I’ve been here before and I liked what I saw so I decided to join. I’m 18 years old and a freshman at Newberry College (Div II). I’m not a very big guy, I’m about 5’7" 155lbs. I sit about 84-87 touching 88 mph on occasion. My strongest pitch is my curveball though. This video I have is kind of old as I don’t have any updated ones on my laptop. This video is from the summer of me going into my senior year, I was sitting around 83-85 in this video. Also I’m facing Jason Heyward the first round draft pick of the Atlanta Braves in 2007

The new video, I just moved to the first post so it would be easier to find.

That’s the smallest catcher I’ve ever seen

Yeh he wasn’t very good, both of our catchers weren’t able to make it to that tornament that weekend :-p

Nasty curve!
I’m curious about your college recruiting experience. Were you a walk-on or heavily recruited? How did the whole process work for you?

Good curve, but I like the first pitch 2-seamer. Set up the whole AB.

Nice job.


nice breaking ball, that last pitch was great

Nasty curve!
I’m curious about your college recruiting experience. Were you a walk-on or heavily recruited? How did the whole process work for you?[/quote]

As I a 5’7" pitcher, unfortunately I was not heavily recruited but I wasn’t a walk-on either. I was contacted by a few smaller Div I schools (Winthrop, Wofford, and Furman). I really had to work my butt of and dispove any doubts about my ability because of my frame. Most of the looks I got were because I was a lefty with a decent fastball and a good breaking ball. Also alot of other things like your make-up and work ethic come into play when you are not as physically talented like some other players. The best advice I can give an undersized guy like me is to work harder then anyone else, and make sure you play for a good summer team who plays against top notch competition.

hey indian (not callin you one don worry its tight if you are tho) is newbury in mass?

Wouldn’t it have been easier just to type “indianball”? :wink:


No its in a small town called Newberry, SC about 30 min away from Columbia, SC

you have 2 quality pitches - the first sinker you threw and the curveballs (blue missed the first one). develop a big time change-up and you’re ready to go. i like what i saw. there are teams that will give a 3 pitch lefty a chance. for sure independent ball.

you have a sick hook

props to gettin heyward out that kid is flat out dirty

I found a little bit better of a video, it’s from the same game but the video is slightly better. I just wanted some opinions on my mechanics.

I moved the new video to the first page so it would be eaiser to locate

god i love ur sinker, how do u throw it?

as to your question, it looks as thought u could use your legs a bit more… as in maybe getting a little more bend in the back knee while coming to the plate, then triple extending into foot plant and extending ur front leg during/slightly before release

I get “Video is no longer available.” :reallyconfused:

i just came back to look at it and got that too

Weird… my video got deleted from youtube. I’ll re-upload it then re-post it.

Okay, the video should work now