My pitching mechanics video

Anything you guys wanna point out?

Your starting stance needs some work…optimally your feet should be about armpit-to-armpit distance from each other, and the big toe of your post foot should line up about with the middle of your stride foot.

Currently, you are starting with your feet so close they look as though they may be touching, and they are lined up toe-to-toe instead of toe-to-middle.

I really dont like how high your throwing arm gets either. I teach my kids to keep their throwing elbow even or lower than the shoulder.

i used to throw high like that when i was more ignorant. I strained my shoulder. Now I can’t throw without correct form and properly warming up. Which you should always do anyways. Listen to these guys. If you want to throw a higher slot like that, tilt your shoulders proportionately.


You might get more responces to your video in the “Pitching Mechanics / Analysis” section, I go here to look for video of the way pro’s throw