My Pitching Mechanics/Velocity Improvements

As mentioned in a previous post, I am 6’0" 170 lbs. I am going into the summer of my junior year and throw low 70s. I want to get to upper 70s/low 80s by my high school season. I have videos of my mechanics but am trying to see how to post them below, so if you see them please critique them (I feel as if I am gaining no power from my lower body but don’t know how to correct it. Also I feel as if I am not getting any explosiveness at all). Thanks!

Tou have a BAD case of flying open WAY too early. That alone can result in major velocity drop and pretty serious shoulder issues. Check out your shoulders position at the exact time when your front foot gets planted, then check out Zach Greinke’s shoulders at the same moment. What happens is that you almost totally take the top of your body’s strengh out of the equation. Your stride is pretty good, i say most of the things you need to improve happen AFTER planting the front foot. [URL=][/URL] [URL=][/URL]

Thanks, I can definitely see that’s a big issue and I love how you compared me to Greinke as I like to do the same as we have the same body type and his mechanics are flawless.

As you release the ball, your head dips down, then pops up quickly. If you’re experiencing stiffness in your neck and/or control issues, this could possibly be the reason. Also try and continue both shoulders into the pitch as you progressively release the ball, the exchange the shoulders by thinking… “bury my pitching shoulder into the catcher.”

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Opening too early. Not nearly long enough stride. You need to drastically speed you arm up and you are releasing the ball too early. It all starts with the bottom half though. So correct your stride and opening too early and you should see about 6 mph difference in no time.

Sometimes its hard to correct something just by practicing it, and getting coached. Many pitchers are referred to me by their coaches because they ‘can’t get into ________ position.’ As a baseball physical therapist, I examine the total body and see why this athlete can’t move a certain way…where are they weak, where are they tight, etc. For example, you need a longer stride, but just trying to stride longer won’t work. Maybe you have tightness in your groin, or more than likely, you have significant weakness in your hips which don’t allow you to explode from the rubber. Whatever it may be, you should get a total body exam to find where your deficits are, and get on a program to correct it. This will help get your timing right, and ultimately lead to higher velocities and less risk of injury. Where in NJ are you located, @NJPitcher4 ?

This is probably the most helpful answer anyones given me so far and you truly understand whats going on. I actually just got a full body assesment and have a personal program to strengthen my weaknesses now. Btw im from Northern NJ like 30 mins from NYC.

@NJPitcher4 @DrMcKenzie – this is a great idea about getting a body exam to improve weaknesses. What is the title of someone that can do this? A Baseball Physical Therapist?

For background on myself and my mechanics, please view the log “Couch to 90”.

The advice that you’ve received here NJPitcher4, is solid and to the point. Here is additional advice to study:
These professionals are expensive, very expensive. Your overall program with these professionals require a diet and nutrition plan to match what you’re being advised to improve. Then comes the constant addressing your workload, constantly addressing your work load. You must, I repeat must, be attending coaching and physical assessments daily. If you’re really serious about this stuff, forget any social life, forget any time to yourself, and stay focused on your ultimate goals. Remember, these professional men and women are not your friends, nor are they someone to socialize with. You’re purchasing their knowledge, their in house facilities, and their expectations of you following their advice. By the way, if someone tells you that they’ll meet you at a ball field and work with your there, you’re wasting your time and money. These professionals have facilities to match there credentials. So, you’re planning to take this to the professional level - I wish you the best. Just be aware that a high percentage of those that go the route that your about to take, drop by the wayside because they refuse to work as hard as the professionals that are trying to help them.

I am sorry to jump in on the discussion. I first saw the ad on Facebook for New York Science Lab and it got me curious. It’s located in Staten Island, which is not too far from me.

I read all your posts and agree to most of your points. I think we have come a long way and science is available to help us understand the human body better and explore the new potentials. It also has revolutionized many of the sports. Modern athletes can compete at higher levels and breaking many new records.

As I have shared on different topic before for our own experience, we are lucky to found a local club with coaches with former MLB experience and are good with kids. So, when my son was injured in April, the thought of using modern science to speed up his healing came to mind. I called NY Science Lab and almost went there. Then someone pointed it out to me, your son is only 14. Just let him heal naturally and it made sense. I admit it was NOT easy for me to watch him being sidelined while his team struggled. But I learned from this experience that there is really NO short cut in life.

I am just happy my son is healthy again.

Good luck all.


@TGoldy…they will just be a physical therapist who has lots of experience working with baseball players. There are no specialty titles, but one can personally brand him/herself a baseball PT…like I do :slight_smile:

Very, very good points @Coach_Baker. It makes all the difference. Kids who make a commitment and follow through and the ones that go places. Follow the systems of people you trust, and with a little faith, will take them a long way.

@aliu666916. Thanks for sharing your story. At 14y/o there is a very good chance of full recovery without having to do much, especially if he hasn’t hit puberty yet. I’m glad it worked out for you and him!

I would caution as any person gets older…even at 16y/o…their ability to heal themselves without intervention becomes less and less. As players get older, perhaps the worst advice someone could give them is rest for ___ length of time, then get back into it. When an injury happens, that tissue is damaged and needs ______ (strengthening, more flexibility, more neuromuscular control, etc) so it won’t happen again.

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Hey guys I am back and although i havent been active I have still been working everyday on getting ready for my spring season. One thing I noticed is that my arm action comes through nearly straight the whole way and I get little to no whip from my arm. That obviously is not good so im wondering if there are any drills to increase my arm speed and get that “whip”

Watch this clip of Trevor Bauer on MLB Network: