My pitching log

I pitched for the first time in a game this year and came in relief from are star pitcher that gave up 2 home runs and gave up 4 earned runs. When I came in the game it was the 5th inning and the score was 6 Portsmouth one of the best teams in the league and mt.hope my team 2. So we were down a little and I had to shut down this team with home run power 1-7.

I started off bad with a deep hit to right center on the first pitch. I stayed calm and when after the next batter he grounded out to me I turned to 2nd threw lead runner out the ss threw to 1st for the double play. Then I walked the next batter and got out of the inning on a pop-up to centerfield. Then the next inning I pitched fine and struck out the best hitter of the other team on the change-up that died at home plate. The hitter swung 2sec before it went across the plate. But in the 3rd inning the right fielder made an error and then the best hitter was up and I threw an inside fast ball and he hit it deep. I got the team to come back from a 6-2 down and we finished 7-6 and lost by 1 run.

I did ok for my first time pitching this year. My coach now is going to put me as a starter because I pitched that good.

The best part of the day was to make people around me happy. An older man came up to me after the game and said nice game I like your style and how you use your whole body to pitch. Another person came up to me and said nice pitching you did a great job. When I took the mound know one new who I was and even a kid’s dad on my team was giving me complements.
The best thing someone said to me came from a players Mom and she said" I love the way when everything is going crazy you look so calm and relaxed and not even angry or disturbed.
This shows that my mental training has been paying off and now is reflected on the way I show my self one the mound.

Pitched 2 innings gave up 2 runs 1 was earned the other on an error. My fastball had some zip on it and i blew away alot of the batters in the baberuth league.

My mechaincs felt good and in control and for the first time I was throwing like a power pitcher which is new for me.

Overall I think Im improving with each throw and getting better as the season goes along.