My Pitching Log

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to start a log.
Here are my goals for fall ball this year:
20 K’s
20 IP
10 ER
15 BB’s

I throw a
4 Seam Fastball
Vulcan Change
Cutter(work in progress)
Knuckle-Ball, Knuckle-Curve Combo(work in progress)

Do you think my goals are reasonable. This is for a new team from 13yo-15yo so I kind of doubt I will get a lot of work in.

Thanks a lot!

Nothing much today lot of rain and t-storms in the afternoon humid in the fall. Threw a bunch of knuckle balls today, worked really well better than usual(thanks for the help Zita Carno). Only real running was running out of the church to get to the car so I could get out of the rain :smiley:

Some of your goals seem to be outside of your control, such as IP. It’s up to your coach how much you’ll pitch.

Good point amazinmets73 I didn’t think about that.

Anyway I pitched 50 pitches off a mound today. Everything was working well. The cutter was cuttin, the KBall had minimal spin on it. A mostly perfect day. The only problems were:

a) my KBall stayed on only on side, either left or right, no left to right movement or vice versa

b) I’m not sure but I think when I threw my change-up, I slowed my arm speed. Not sure about it I will check.

Felt a little sore so I just threw thew the ball around a bit today. Nothing much.

Elaborate? “Throwing the ball around a bit” is very vague

More rain today. Threw the ball from 72 feet (the legnth of the yard) today just before the rain.

Yesterday: Threw ball from 100 feet 10 times and pitched 30 change-ups of flat ground.

The last two days have been days off. Felt a bit of soreness in my elbow and shoulder. Today I will throw 15 pitches off of flat ground.

Arm feels much better. I think the way i threw the Kball had something to do with the soreness. I’m just going to scrap it

You mentioned in an earlier post that you weren’t sure but you may have slowed your arm speed when you threw a changeup. Big mistake. You have to throw all your pitches, and I mean ALL of them, with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as your fast ball. The secret of the changeup is in the grip and the way you hold the ball.
I remember way back when, in my playing days, we played a lot of games against a team that had a pitcher with perhaps the prettiest slow curve I had ever seen. His problem was that he was forever telegraphing it. He had a funny way of wiggling his elbow when he was going to throw it, and he also slowed his arm speed—a no-no in any pitcher’s book. You may be sure we drove him off the mound in the third inning every time!
As for the problem you’ve been having with the knuckleball—don’t scrap it, for Pete’s sake! Take a look at the way you’ve been throwing it; you’re not supposed to have any arm problems with that pitch. It might be something you’ve been doing with the grip that puts unnecessary strain on your arm; try holding it a bit looser, and the heck with what everyone else says, throw it like the fast ball. Also, you might try experimenting with the knuckle-curve which can be an absolutely devastating pitch—just find a good knuckleball grip and throw the curve. It will drop sharply, like a glass crashing to the floor, and the batters will start screaming because they can’t hit it. (I used a sharp karate-chop wrist snap for both my regular curve and the knuckle-curve, with excellent results.) :slight_smile: