My Pitching Log

I’m a RHP at Weehawken,NJ. I’m 17 years old and a senior. I don’t throw hard,my curve is average, and changeup needs work. I’ve pitched in 2 games this year so far.
the first one was a great win. 6 innings no runns 3 hits 10k’s.
the second one, not so much. 2 innings. 6 hits 6 runs.
im pitching again on tuesday.
what i know i need to do is increase my leg strength. i don’t have a gym i can use so anybody who has helpful tips please post!
also i really need some help with the changeup. ive tried so many different grips and ways to throw it but none of them work for me. maybe a subsitute for a change?
please help!

to strengthen your legs you should just run a lot. try running uphills that really makes them strong. For the gym, since you’re a senior youll be going to college and most colleges have rec rooms that have a lot of weights all you need is a spotter

thanks for the info.
well I pitched on Tuesday and it was a really big day for me. The pitching coach from Sussex community college came to watch me pitch. Yes, I was a little nervous, but we were playing a team who we haven’t beaten in 6 years and who touched me up for 12 runs last year. I didn’t let nervousness get in the way.

I threw the game of my life. Complete game scattering 8 hits and 4 unearned runs while striking out 5. Considering the circumstances, this was by far the best game i’ve thrown ever. 2 newspapers interviewed me and I got Athlete of the Week for our local county newspaper =]
and also, the coach from Sussex loved me and wants me to play for him next year! =]
we just dropped 2 straight and now we have one of the better teams int he league Seacaucus coming in and im on the hill. Gotta get back to work! wish me luck!

Nice job and way to step up when it matters. Best of luck and keep working on it.

Today I was on the hill against Secacus. I had a no-no going through the first four. Come 5th inning i gave up 3 hits, one of which was a 3 run homer that BARELY cleared the fence. I know i know a homerun is a home run. Left a changeup out over the plate. one bad pitch. other than that, I pitched even better than the Lyndhurst game.
7 innings. 4 hits. 4 runs 3 earned. 1 BB 1 HBP 4 strikeouts.
final score was 4-0.
Overall i was really happy with my performance. I feel a lot more confident of myself and all my pitches. we just couldn’t hit today. I’m going again next Tuesday which sucks because I wanna get back out there already. But that just means more work to do during this week!

okay so its been a while and i’ve pitched in 2 games since. My first was Woodridge and that didn’t go well at all. 2 innings gave up e6 runs. Had no control whatsoever but in my defense we didnt have practice for 4 days before this game cause rain so i couldn’t do much. My next start was our first ever appearance in the Hudson County Tournament. We faced Hudson Catholic. I pitched pretty good. 6 innings 5 hits 2 runs. we the were losing in bottom of the 7th and we scored 2 runs so i was off the hook at least. we wound up losing 3-2 in the 11th. Tomorrow im going against a really good Waldwick team. Im confident i can get the job done. Update tomorrow