My Pitching Log - Coming back from surgery

It has only been two months since I fell victim to the dreaded tommy john surgery. I start rehab again on October 7th, and will be throwing again November 19th. It’s a long process and it’s a ton of down time, but I’m thinking of all the positives right now. I am a freshmen in college, and will get redshirted this year. My hope is to make it back for the summer and fall and pitch to my potential and more. I’ll keep everyone updated on my gains, velocities, and what else happens with my arm. This will be a long and lengthy wait to see what happens, so stay with me! I will post videos when i can, but i will definitely update this asap!

6’ 1", 215 lbs (was around 195 ish before surgery)
Fastball - 83-85 (top 86)
Curve - no idea, haha
Cutter - (78-80)
Splitter - thinking about ditching it. I tend to go wide with the grip and have heard it shreds your arm. Thinking about opting to a change-up. (I also had the inverted w, so I will be changing my mechanics as well. I will read up on the splitter and the grips in the mean time)

How’s the rehab going, Brendan? I wish you the best man. Hope your arm is bouncing back for you.