My Online Journal

I would appreciate if you all took a minuet and read over my goals I have set for myself and vote for them. Feel free to comment on anything I have posted and to read through it all.

It is titled My Journey to College Baseball


I used my Bushnell radar gun to clock myself today and I topped out at 84 mph! And that is still with my stupid hitch and with bad shoulder and hip rotation.

Got to keep working on my mechanics so I can sling the ball faster!!

I read it - I do not see any reason why you cannot do that.

Assuming your grades are where they should be.

I have really good grades. In fact I have been taking college classes through my high school this year and I got an higher GPA in those classes than my combined GPA from high school.

Thanks for the encourgment and for your vote!

Sorry for the random post about the the radar gun on this thread. I meant for that to go in my online journal. I must have clicked the wrong thread.