My offseason program

Alright I am in the offseason now. I am a sophmore and throw mid 70s. I want to be the No. 2 or ace on varsity next year, and am looking for a little more velocity since I have good control. I don’t have great control, but its coming along. could I gain a couple MPHs by next march or so with this program. lift with my whole body, but try to avoid maxing out on bench press and concentrate on my legs and core (abs, lower back) and my shoulder region (front and back deltoids)

Day 1: long toss, running (3-4 miles)
2: weight lifting (full body), sprint work, light throwing
3: bullpen, running
4: weight lifting, sprinting, light throwing
5: long tossing, running
6: weight lifting, sprinting, light throwing
7: running