My Off Season Weight Training Question

Is it good to do Upperbody one day then Lowerbody the next day? And what should I do for Cardio?

Doing upper body one day and lower the next is fine. Cardio could be running, swimming, biking, etc. Don’t forget to do sprints and core though.

Thats not a bad schedule. Just the schedule crunching I always have going on, I go to the gym 3x a week and do a fullbody each time. Leaves me time to work on pitching, while also conforming to my work and league team schedules…

I have the same problem as you Snake, i like doing the total 3 days a week with lots of cardio and stretching and core stuff.

I do a full body 3 times a week too…it takes a little over 4 hours if you include longtoss and my sprints…I don’t know if its good to do that much at once, but I live about 30 miles from the closest gym and can’t go there every day. I just run and throw at home on the other days.

Starting tommorow i start a weight/cardio training program that i really like. monday wed., fri. i do upper body, tuesday thursday sat. i do lower body, i do cardio every day- 15 minute job for 2 weeks then 5 minutes more every week, 15 sprints and some shuffling drills and some quickness drills, i do not lift on a gameday or day before a gameday…i still do cardio the day before and then do my cardio after the game i play…arms are very light weight and then lower body is power lifting…also includes a 20 minute sauna type thing and then using protein shakes in the morning and afternoon, i then pitch based on pitching schedules…if i am scheduled to pitch monday and sat. i will do long toss tues., 25 pitches wed, 40 thursday, 20 friday, and then run that day as well (more than usual)

If you push yourself really hard, you can only do two full body workouts per week. You shouldn’t be spending 4 hours working out. Your lifting shouldn’t take more than 45-60 minutes. I have a full body workout that takes exactly 35 minutes to the second if your last set takes 20 seconds and I promise this will help gain size and strength. We did it at Husker Power and we had to put trash cans everywhere for these guys to puke in. It is designed to get your body to produce more growth hormone naturally.

Work as hard as you can and then get out of there.

I wouldn’t suggest cardio unless you are very overweight and need some help burning some calories. If you aren’t very overweight, I’d suggest sprints or plyometrics.

what is the workout becauseim interested mike

This program is part of the year long program I sell online. If you are just interested in this program, I can try to work something out to where you can purchase just this program. Let me work on it and if you are really interested in this, email or PM me and we can talk about details.