My off-season training log

well i decided to start on of these since baseball season is now officially over…

age- turn 17 in 3 days
top out at 80mph

-amplify whey protein

i will post my diet and workout each day along with gains in the future starting monday

all advice/opinions welcome thanx


breakfest- bowl of oatmeal+8oz glass of mixed juice 5:35am

mourning lifting class 7:50am
-1 scoop no-xplode preworkout
-bench press 2x15
-incline 2x15
-cleans 3x5
-lat pull downs 3x10
-agility ladder
-postworkout 1 scoop cellmass 8:55am

-beef jerky pack 9:25am

lunch 11:35am
-sandwhich/8slices of turkey w/2 slices whole grain bread
-8 carrot sticks
-one apple

-couldnt hav midday snake because i went to the denist

afternoon workout 3:15pm
-1.5 scoops no-xplode
-long-toss to 120 ft
-pec-deck flys 4sets/12,10,10,8
-behind the back tricip press 3x10
-curls 3x8
-bent over laterial raises 3sets/6,8,10
-seated barbell wrist curls 3x8
-seated dumb bell press 4sets/6,8,10,12
-laterail raises front and side 2x15 each
-medicine ball workout
-postworkout 1 scoop cellmass 4:10pm

-orkout was insane i was so pumped and felt like i could lift endlessly

dinner 4:55 pm
-lean 16oz steak
-half of baked potato w/o skin

-about 130oz of water consumedw/ meals and throughout the day

7:30pm plan to take protein shake

tuesday-leg day

breakfest 5:40am
-bowl of oatmeal+ 8oz glass of juice

-didnt hav food for midmourning snack

lunch 11:15am
-chicken sandwitch
-carrot sticks

midday snack 1:05pm

2:25 no-xplode

workout 3:15am

-leg extensions 3x8
-leg curl 2sets/10,10
-lunges 2x10
-deadlift 2x10
-standing calf raises 3x25
-played catch

  • medicine ball exercises
    -postworkout cellmass 4:20pm

dinner 4:50pm
-beef stew
-halfbaked potato

-protein shake 7:00pm

sorry that i hav not posted lately i hav been busy, good news i hav gained 2lbs of muscle since monday, i think i can thank no-xplode and cellmass for that, i am up to 164.5lbs from 162lbs today is a rest day so nothing else to post today

today was lowerbody day

breakfest 5:40am
-bowl of oatmeal w/2% milk

snack 9:05am
-payday protein bar

lunch 11:15am
-4 pieces of cooked chicken
-8 carrot sticks

snack 1:30pm
-payday protein bar

postwork out- no-xplode 2:45

workout 3:10pm
-squat 3sets/8,10,6
-leg curls 3x10
-leg extensions 3x10
-lungs 2x10
-pop up squats 3x8
-standing calf raise 3x25
-medicine ball exercises

postworkout-cellmass 4:30pm

postworkout-protein shake 4:50pm

dinner 5:20pm
-tuna fish sandwitch

Sorry that I have not posted, I have been sick and trying to catch up on school work. Our high school team starts off-season training thursday, i will try to keep my progress updated. thanx