My (now) 12YO pitching


My son has pitched for a couple of years now. He turned 12 one month ago. He’s 5-3 and weighs a buck and a quarter. He has gained about 8-10 mph since last spring- we’ve worked mechanics and intent. We haven’t thrown a BP in 6wks. We have a fund-raiser baseball camp put on by the local HS starting tomorrow. We took a couple of weeks off completely and since, we’ve thrown some long-toss. He hasn’t pitched since fall ball ended the first week of Nov but has continued the band work he has been doing since early last spring. We went to the field today to hit some and we ended up pitching some too.

One area of his pitching where he has struggled with is getting over his front leg prior to release. We were just goofing around today. I drew him a line at 5’6" to encourage him to really reach with his landing leg, and a line toward the plate for him to follow. (we’ve been working on standing high jumps and step-ups since fall ball). Today, he was consistently landing at about the 5’ mark. I like what I see on some of the the pitches in this clip. I don’t like the glove hand flopping all over the place. Keep in mind, we were just having fun. He really seemed to respond to the “light” coaching. Maybe it was just the mental break he’s had since the season ended.



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Try it now…forgot to publish it!!


Looks like he’s striding open, landing leg is 1B side of center line. Would start him in a more athletic position, feet about shoulder length apart rather than together. Noticed on the 5th pitch he’s starting on one leg. Is the purpose of this drill to teach balance point? It looks like when he starts this way he’s striding further open than before. Not sure but think this may be a hinderence to building momentum? Why no glove? Due to the added weight believe it would be helpful to use in bullpens & drills. It looks like he has a great deal of trunk & shoulder tilt. Direction of head & body is towards 1B rather than the plate. I don’t like the idea of setting a distance to stride out, leads to reaching out with leg. Stride length should be a byproduct of momentum. Would be helpful to have front and rear views. He looks like a strong athletic kid.


Looks strong. I like the intent over all.
Glove hand is kind of “floating” out and about.


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Looks like he’s striding open, landing leg is 1B side of center line.[/quote]

Probably just camera angle. He’s usually pretty good about going straight at the plate. The left side of the line was his goal.

Not his normal starting position.

He tends to post and balance. I had him doing this to get moving home faster.

Impromptu BP session. Our bags were already packed. If the hand continues to flop, he’ll start using a brick to get the feel of where his hand is.

As I said in the OP, he tends to be very upright with his delivery. It’s not due to strength but to mechanics. Before this vid, I had him starting in his landing position, pushing himself over the front leg and throwing.

Thanks…I’ll let his mom know!!!


I don’t know if the hand was due to no glove or lack of pitching in the last 6 weeks. If I see it next time, it will be addressed.


His mechanics change from throw to throw (and I’m not just talking about the leg lift). He needs to build a lot of stride power, and he doesn’t have much core torque because the hips and shoulders are going at the same time. He is also abductin g his arm way up above his shoulder. You want to keep the elbow below the shoulder until shoulder rotation. When you abduct it that high, it’s known to give shoulder problems and it’s hard to build torque.


Also, when he pushes of his back leg, his ankle doesn’t get through. The ankle kick will support better hip rotation.