My non throwing shoulder hurts?

Why is it that the shoulder I dont even use anything for (left shoulder) hurts? I use my right arm for everything, does anyone have any ideas?

i actually feel the same thing and have no clue. it’s really weird. One day after pitching it just hurt and the one i use didn’t. it was pretty odd. I was thinking maybe it could come from batting maybe or lifting but i’m pretty stumped myself.

It could be from batting if you over-rotated and strained your left shoulder (assuming you bat right-handed), that is if you took any swings.

i havent done ANYTHING with my left shoulder. I havent even played baseball since the beginning of june because of tendinitis in my right shoulder.

if you have tendinitis in your right shoulder your body may over compensate for other things by puting extra strain on your left shoulder. You should definitely see a doctor.

Do you have a girlfriend?

no i dont have a girlfriend lol.

And i’m planning on scheduling an MRI when I get back from my vacation (going home thursday).

Could that possibly be part of the problem?

im confused…

i hope he means women cause stress… not something else lol

Well could it be something you do in your free time that is something a girlfriend is supposed to do?

hahaha, oh jeez, well im not gonna lie, of course i do it, but thats not the problem cuz i dont do it that much lol.

changing the subject…

i was reading about bone spurs, and when i move my THROWING shoulder in a certain way, it sounds like bones are grinding against each other. I was thinking that it could possibly be a bone spur, but i wont find out till i get an mri.

Lol, I had to ask.

Yeah get it checked out the doctors can say best what’s wrong.

oh yeah definitely

quick question- are bone spurs revealed in x-rays? or mris?