My newest Mechanics video

Going full screen may be your best bet. I switched up how I start from the wind up and in the set position, more pre set in the set position.

Just for fun check out where I was last year around this time!

What was your primary focus? It looks to me like keeping front leg internally rotated longer?? Nice work Sean!

Nice you throw the crap out of the ball guy! My son is a pitcher he’s 14 and I’m curious what your velocity was when you were his age? I can totally see you’ve been working hard nice job!

ThinkTank- Well if you’re comparing the video to the one from last year there was a heap of stuff that changed. But more recently, it has been really using the back hip more efficiently and not wasting energy, trying to move quicker towards the plate. Before I would lift my leg up and then turn it, now I’m lifting it and going straight to the position where I start moving forward. Keeping my front leg internally rotated has always been pretty good for me, I never actually focused on it but I think it is a by-product from using my hips more efficiently.

Rugby- Thank you, at age 14 I definitely not one of the hardest throwers, I was like 67-70 I think. My advice to anybody younger, would be throw it hard, and get a feel for a change up. Really learn efficient mechanics, don’t listen to close to 90% of people who want to tell you about proper mechanics and training, do your own research. I had help in my journey but for the most part I taught myself how to throw 90+.

overall very good,

however i hope you can stand solidly after you release your pitches

for example, Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens

Not like Dan Haren


That’s great work! Very solid mechanics.

Looks like, according to PerfectGame (I think it’s yours), you’ve increased 10 MPH over the last 2 years, from 81 to 91 MPH… Excellent job!

What do you think your keys were, other than what you said elsewhere in this thread? Any specific instruction or other thoughts/workouts/drills that came in handy?

Yeah that was my profile!

Whew there has been a lot of stuff that went into it. First and foremost commitment to bettering myself, if you don’t have that you aren’t going to see results, you have to be doing something close to everyday to reach that goal. Specifically a lot of mechanical adjustments, just hours of video comparisons with top pitchers, my favorite was Trevor Bauer. Spent a lot of time in the weight room. Weighted balls, loads of long toss, lots of throwing, warming up my body properly before every time I throw. I think maybe one of the most important attributes is not listening to about 95% of what people to tell you you should do. Do your own research. I could talk on it for hours but thats a quick summary.

You have become the best possible pitching coach for yourself. :slight_smile: