My New Windup

In the baseball off season I have developed a new wind up where i open my hips slowly and carefully then jerk my arm quickly to produce velocity with my slow moving legs. My wind up is like Dave Bush’s of the Brewers except I throw overhand.

Should my wind up be like this or is it unsafe for a 15 year old like me.

Also, is there a way to throw overhand like me and still not throw the ball high in the strike zone like I do. I think I have a problem with my release point because when I throw overhand I put my body into it and miss high and when I throw any other arm angle I only throw with my arm and no body.

I am asking a lot I know but I would really appreciate if someone
smarter and more experienced than me could answer my questions.

Thanks a Lot and I am Hoping For Answers

Ok you want to throw hard think:

Move faster in control and explode

Don’t open the hips up slow do it fast at the right moment. And you might be throwing high because you are under strideing or releasing the ball to soon.

how many times r we going to hear that