My new training toy

So much fun. Definitely going to get a lot of mileage out of this one. Had it custom welded for me with 2 plate holders that fit right in my power cage for just $180 delivered.

Thats a great workout tool. If you want a good combo, do a set of squats, then sled push, squats, sled push etc. And to really spice things up, do a set of 20 standing vertical jumps right after doing the sled.

i took an old tire, screwed a wooden disc to the top and bottom and fit a 2 inch PVC pie through the center to hold weight plates. Then I made a hole in the side of the tire, tied a rope loop and attached some long chains to the loop.

Sled drags with as much weight as you like, tons of friction, all for free plus about an hour or two to make the thing.

I like your sled though it looks a lot more professional :slight_smile:

I also have used a tire for sled drags, but I wanted a push sled as well. Hence the welding job. Plus it looks cool. :slight_smile: