My new pitching video

All right I am now pitching from a mound. first pitch is 4 seam, second is circle change, third is curve, and fourth is two seam.
I am hoping for feedback. Since I pitch from a low arm slot should I maybe throw a slider instead of a curve or should I stick with a curve?

Well. Not sure about your question but it seems odd, I’m not a mechanic guru by any means. But the way that you bend over forward when you throw. I’m not sure if this is bad its just something I noticed. Take a look yourself.

EDIT: It actually doesn’t look that bad but someone else can take a look. Oh its hard to tell from the angle but you might not get good momentum becuase it seems you lack some hip/shoulder seperation. I also haven’t slowed the video down to look but its just an idea. The videos great I like the extra pitches. But next time try and get the side view also.

Looks very solid. Keep up the good work.

EDIT2: FYI you looked like you have horrible mechanics in the first video you showed without actually throwing the ball. Now they actually seem like they’re pretty decent. Of course they could use work but whos don’t need work? In the other one it looked like you have never played baseball before and throw like someone just trying to throw the ball. See the differnece it makes with you actually throwing? You look like a ball player.

alright I forgot to add this one, and yes I have noticed that I do bend over slightly when throw

Bower: what do you mean by shoulder/hip seperation?

Actually the hips/shoulder seperation doesn’t seem too bad. But i was right you need to get more momentum. You need your hips to fall more towards the catcher sooner. They should start falling when you pick your leg up not when your leg has already reached its highest point. As you can see you start falling toward the catcher once your leg has already reached the highest point. You need to do that sooner and it will help hip/shoulder seperation.

Hip shoulder seperation is where your hips rotate and open up towards the catcher before your shoulder open up and your chest faces him. You want your hips to rotate first then almost like a spring have your shoulders rotate the same way your hips did just after your hips. Its something you can’t think about but has to be acheived with good timing, which involves your inital problem of getting your hips started towards your target sooner.

But if you start falling when you pickup your leg you could be rushing towards the plate and not staying back

That is why you need leg and core strength. This is where the term using your legs comes from. You have to have strength in your legs so you can do that. Thats where speed comes from, momentum.

Leg Strength + Good Momentum = Increased Velocity

Little Leg Strength + Momentum = Lack of Balance and no increased velocity

Who said you need to be staying back. Its agreed upon in pitching by almost every pitching “expert” that you need to get your hips moving towards the target at the start of your leg lift. Trust me on this you will be able to do it to an extent even if you’ve never worked out your legs in your lifetime. You will have some balance but the stronger the legs the mroe you can get moving towards the plate.

you need to learn to coil. instead of just lifting leg try lifting and bringing it back so you point more backside to plate. you kinda lift your leg the drop your body while you fall creating less balance. if your gana throw from low arm angle start delivery low. coil legs while starting low and let them open you up

alright but I have seen some pitchers who don’t start to go to the plate until their knee point is at its highest and I tried the moving hip while I lift it just feels weird and I am rushing

alright I have a question is my arm slot like sidearm or like low three quarters

Its close, appears to me as sidearm. But not submarine. Remember the guys that throw real low thats submarine not sidearm.

About the “stay back” cue. I wouldn’t view it as staying back relative to the posting leg, rather it’s keeping the head and shoulders from getting ahead of the centre of gravity, which I call “rushing”. Typically it means keeping the shoulders slightly back of the centre of gravity as it moves. The head and shoulders are moving forward but just a bit behind the hips. A bit.

“Stay back” is used ambiguously. Some mean it as DM described (which I agree with) while others mean keeping the total body back as in hitting the balance point. There are lots of coaches/instructors out there who still teach keeping the total body back. :roll: