My New Mechanics

You have good mechanics but can improve on a few small things.

Watch your video and look at where your glove is when you finish.
You can see that your glove arm has NO effect on your pitching.
This also shows that there is no scapular loading in your pitching.

One more thing is your head when releasing I personally would like to see you throw your head towards the plate/ I will have to see what others say though.

you have very good, compact mechanics. but you could still lift your leg up higher to lengthen your stride which will bring you closer to home plate at your release point. this makes your fastball look faster than it really is to the hitter. and your glove is no problem it is right where it is supposed to be.

Yeah, you dont need to move your glove arm at all during delivery…

thanks for the help, although my stride is actually very long because my foot drag line was 16 inches on this pitch so i was out there alot already

that drag line is actually pretty short. it should be around 20+ inches.

thats what i was estimating it could have been longer

A good goal for drag line length is twice your shoe size.

What does dragging the foot help do?

[quote=“McCovey Cove”]What does dragging the foot help do?[/quote]There are those out there who believe that it helps with stabilization of the body during such a fast motion. I’m not convinced of that but I’ll keep an open mind to it’s possibility. I’m of the opinion that it’s merely a result of everything else that is going on and should be looked at as an “indication” of the effectiveness of the overall motion with respect to momentum generation and use.

Roger can give some very good information about what the NPA says about what you can tell by looking at the direction and length of the drag line. So, it’s not so much that it does anything, as opposed to it’s being able to tell you lots about what caused it, which is more important anyway.

Good explanation from DM.

Don’t be confused into thinking that the drag line is something that you intentionally create. You don’t intentionally drag the back foot. If you have good posture and balance and timing, you keep your head and shoulders slightly behind the front hip into foot plant, and you get to a stacked position right after shoulder rotation, your back foot will stay down and your momentum will cause it to drag. Length of the drag line correlates very closely to the amount of momentum you had.

So having that natural foot drag is a good thing then. thanks

I agree that his glove arm is not an issue, but I personally like to use that arm to get my upper body to move faster by throwing my right elbow to my left knee, so I preach to use the glove arm and you are definitely not using it as of this video. Not sure if it’s because of camera view but it seems as you are throwing accros your body a bit, a little lateral movement from your head to the left and finally (unless your practicing to get the ball sooner to home plate) there’s almost no lead leg lift.
I like your hand separation it’s quick and seems to get you in a nice loaded position.
just my .02 cents!

You must have a lot to say if that was 2 hundreths of a cent.

:lol: My bad… just my 2 cents then.